Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lil Pioneers

I totally forgot about our little Pioneer Day we did in July! I just unloaded a camera with old pics and found the pics I had been looking for. It was so fun and I have to share what we did. So in our church, on July 24, we celebrate "Pioneer Day" and the sacrifices early Mormon pioneers made to make the trek out west for religious freedom. Its a time to reflect on what they went through and honor them. Its also a time to have fun and do some pioneerish things :) We usually make our own butter and bread. Sometimes jam too. We might watch a video about it and talk about it. But this year, thanks to our Nauvoo trip, Joey revved it up to a whole new pioneer day level ;) He made the kids pioneer games to play outside. And of course the little three wore their cute hats from Nauvoo. We even did foil dinners that evening like we were camping. And I made a peach cobbler too. It was a fun little evening and we made lots of great memories. Thanks Joey for putting it together. Laura was even here that evening so she got to be part of it too! In Utah(where she actually lives), its actually a holiday there where kids get off school, people get off work, all for the parades and celebrations. Crazy cool! So I hope she felt "at home" :) Hahaha.

Working those arm muscles to make some butter...and looking a little loco too.

Joey using special techniques in his foil dinner placement :)

Cutie pie pioneers

Dinner is served! Complete with IBC :)

 Gotta teach em early...

 Outdoor fun!

Even Laura and I got competitive. I think I won. Then Laura punched me. She is mean.  Okay, if you don't know me very well, I am kidding...if you know Laura well though, you'll know maybe I'm not. LOL

 Joey found a preying mantis which is always fun. We have all kinds of cool bugs out here!

My five little gems.

 Ammon LOVES "Lorla"

And just two extra pics I never got to share...the day she left. I will admit I cried like a weirdo at the airport when I told her goodbye! She is just so fun and it was so refreshing to be around her. And laugh hard. Laughter is good for the soul. We miss you Laura! Glad you could pioneer it up with us :)


jOeY said...

THat was such a fun day! I love how Cali got all dressed up for it too. It was fun to relive our trip a little bit. :)

Unknown said...

That's a really good picture of you, the one with you and Laura. Laura is so much fun to be around. I bet she's a professional at churning butter, all those years of enjoying Pioneer Day, lol. ;)