Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Birfday

I'm 34 y'all. Last year in my "early 30s." Kinda stinks. But I guess its alright :) I try to enjoy every birthday no matter how old and decrepit I am becoming. ;)  It always helps to remember that Joey is older...teehee. My birthday was on a Sunday so we went out Saturday night to one of my favorite places, Gloria's. I got my chimichanga on and even though I felt sick later, it was worth it! Every bite! :) Darn pregnancy nausea. The next day I wore a lovely "birthday girl" pin to church courtesy of Joey and kids(Which I honestly loved so that more people would wish me happy birthday, hehe. Hey, its one day a year! I need acknowledgements!) And then Joey cooked up some island style ribs for dinner that day. Lets just say I was spoiled in the food department that weekend. And probably gained 5 pounds in a 24 hour period. We later enjoyed chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting and ice cream. And then presents! I loved my presents from my kids-each was so thoughtful. All of my favorite goodies! York patties, 3 musketeers, Junior Mints and Milanos. YUM. They know I need a go-to stash for when Mommy needs candy :) And Ella was pretty creative-she put paper on the Junior Mints box covering everything but the word "mint" and wrote- You were "mint" to be my Mom! :) It was so sweet. And Cali made me a necklace that she had to make twice(she dropped the first one and beads went everywhere!) She cried and cried and it broke my heart but with the help of Daddy she made it again. That meant a lot to me. Everything did. It was a wonderful weekend thanks to these wonderful people. And Joey, you're the best. You worked hard to make everything perfect, take care of the kids, keep the house clean and even give me one awesome massage. I love y'all!!!

 Its sweet to be loved by these people. Especially this hottie right here ;)


jOeY said...

Um where is the picture of my kick butt cake!!?? :) happy birthday sexy lady!

Unknown said...

Uh yeah, where is the cake picture? ! :) I love that you wore a pin to church. You go, girl!! And reading about Cali ' s mishap with the first necklace broke my heart. Glad she was able to make a second one. You sure are one spoiled birthday girl.