Friday, October 31, 2014

We love Jim Gaffigan!!

One of our FAVORITE comedians is Jim Gaffigan. If you haven't watched any of his stand up, you HAVE to. Like right now. Click here for one of our favorite clips of his stuff.  You will love him- especially if you have kids. Or love food. Which is us ;) When we found out he was coming to the DFW area, I was so excited and bought tickets right away! Joey and I enjoyed a fun date night with lots of laughs. Jim is HILARIOUS! I had a fun date night with you Joey! You stud you. And thanks Aubrey for babysitting for us!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cali's Royal Run, Reading Night & Groovy Day

Our little elementary school girl has had quite the party this year at school so far. First was the Royal Run fundraiser...Cali was an adorable royal superhero at this event complete with a cape and tutu. She ran her little heart out for her school! The weather was awesome and the boys even ran a lap or two with her. So cute! Oh, and check our her teachers dance moves too...there is always great music, conga lines, and some serious jams afterwards :) Her teacher is to the left of her with the white cape, three pics down. . .

Then there was the annual "Reading under the Stars" night. Our family enjoyed all of the guest readers and of course reading on the lawn with a flashlight and a blanket. Cali was adorable in her American Girl pjs from Nana along with her MacKenna doll.

Then there was Groovy Day. Its a day where they dress groovy and even do the hustle on the lawn like a flash mob. They also have lots of fun activities during their P.E./Specials.  I missed it this year but her teacher sent out this cute pic of her class all dressed up!

I'm glad she has such a fun school to create memories at! She is having a great year! She has a wonderful teacher, has made new friends, and no new enemies...yet :) hahahaha

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A beautiful day at the patch

 I know I say it a lot, but I LOVE FALL!!!! The weather is kinda sorta feeling like fall even! (its Texas, so it takes awhile) We always look forward to making our annual trip to a nearby pumpkin patch. This year was hard to figure out because well, we have so many gosh darn kids:) With all of their activities, it was hard to figure out when to go but when something got cancelled, I was like, lets go to the pumpkin patch!  So much better to go in the morning than any other time of day we've found. We didn't have a disaster like the past two years :) The weather was gorgeous and the crowds weren't too bad. It was a really fun time! All of them enjoyed it and we got lots of cute pics. This place, The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, is so fun with bounce houses, a hay maze, a little train ride, hay ride, face painting, and tons of cute cutouts for fun pics. This was Ammon's first go at the hay maze with his sisters. He thought it was pretty cool :) And Wesleys favorite thing to do was walk in and out of a little kiddie playhouse. He likes to open and close doors, hahaha. Hes easy to please. The older girls were great at helping with the littles...strange how old Aubrey is now...she is a little old for most of this stuff now but shes a good sport! And Cali and Ella are still young enough to party :) They raced up the inflatable slide together which was cute. As we leave, we always let the kids pick out a small pumpkin each and then paint them at home. I love family traditions, especially at this time of year. And having kids to share the holidays in traditions is what makes life sweet.

I love this picture of our five little blessings. Can't believe this picture will have a sixth next year!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Aubrey's First Temple Trip

So, as most of you know, our family is LDS/Mormon.  Some of you might be asking, what is an LDS Temple? It is a sacred place to worship God & make covenants(promises).  We believe temples are the houses of God here on the Earth. When you turn 12 years old, you have the ability, if worthy, to enter the temple and do work there. Its also where we marry(in adulthood:) and are sealed to each other for time and all eternity. Joey and I were sealed in the Dallas Temple over 14 years ago! And here we are, living in the Dallas area now! So neat to be living close to this temple now. Its where it all started for us :)

What is meant when Mormons use the word "temple work" all of the time? Well, we believe that there are sacred covenants and ordinances necessary for all on this earth to receive to enter into the highest kingdom of glory once we leave this life. We make the covenants for ourselves and then we also do it for those that have gone on before us, those that didn't have that opportunity(they can choose to accept the work or not). We are big on genealogy and family history work because we believe in doing these ordinance for everyone so that we are all together again someday. That's pretty much the basics of it, from my perspective anyways :)

So temples are amazing, beautiful, peaceful and literally heaven on earth. You step inside and feel peace. Its like you get to take a break from this crazy world for awhile ;) I was so excited when Aubrey had her first chance to go with our church youth group recently. Joey and I were also able to go with her and be there. It was so special!I had actually done some family history on my dad's side and found some names of people who hadn't had their work done yet and we were able to do the work. It was a very special experience! I had never brought names before that I had found myself. It changed the experience for me and made it feel even more "real" if that makes sense..I felt close to those ancestors and I know Aubrey did too(and Joey!). It sounds like an odd thing to some people, doing work for someone who isn't alive anymore, but if you really think about it, it really makes sense. They are part of us and by seeking them out and learning about them and serving them, you grow so much. And you feel a special connection with them. It was an awesome experience I will never forget. We are proud of you Aubrey! To enter the temple, you have to be worthy and clean. You are interviewed to make sure you are keeping the commandments of God and living your life righteously before you are allowed to go inside. Because it is His house and no unclean thing can enter. I'm happy to know she is living her life in this way and striving to always follow her Savior, Jesus Christ. She is such a good girl and we are so proud of her!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The kids got a hold of our camera. This is always interesting.

As I was browsing through photos from one of our cameras, I came across these little beauties. 

And this little boy with a flashlight and a near concussion on his head (thanks to him running around with a blanket on his head a few days prior)

A girl spanking herself I guess?

 And a blurry boy laughing about it.

 My kids are fine examples for all to follow.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Excited for Wesleys first Trick or Treat!

As we approach Halloween, I have found myself scouring the bookshelves at the library for fun fall and Halloween books for my littles to enjoy. We have decorated our house and picked out our costumes. Fall is my absolute favorite season so we go all out(pumpkin muffins have been baked already many times people!) I have also been on the hunt for fun Halloween cartoons and shows for my kiddos to watch during this fun season! And I have found some thanks to Netflix(What did we do before Netflix? Seriously.)

This will be Wesley's first official time to go trick or treating. Last year he was barely walking but this year I know he'll be barreling down the street and up to the doors to get his candy fix. I'm so excited to watch all of my kids dress up and trick or treat, but isn't it extra magical when its your littlest one experiencing this for the first time? One of my boys favorite shows right now is Jake and the Neverland Pirates(remember how Ammon was Jake for Halloween last year? Cutest Jake ever!). And yea for two seasons on Netflix to enjoy! We watched Episode 15 of Season 2: Tricks, Treats and Treasures for a fun Halloween episode with all of their favorite characters dressed up for Halloween going through Neverland to "trick or treasure."  And okay, they didn't watch it just once...or twice :)

This post was written as a member of Netflix's Stream Team. I receive compensation through a paid subscription but I promise all opinions expressed are my very own! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Never again, Plano, never again...

So our family has lived in the DFW area a little over 8 years. We have gone to the Plano Balloon Festival several times and enjoyed it. We decided to go again this year since it had been a couple of years and we wanted out boys to experience the view of the hot air balloons. Boy, was that a mistake!! I'm not usually a Debbie Downer y'all, but yikes. The crowds were insanity. Pure insanity. Of course events like this are always crowded, but this was borderline running of the bulls. I thought I might get trampled. The parking was completely full. We had to park in a neighborhood nearby! And walk like two miles or something just to get in the gates! And because of that we missed the dang launch. The pinnacle of the night. We missed it. Then we got there, squeezing our way through one million people and found a spot to sit(somehow). We had already fed our kids dinner, thankfully, but had told them we'd get funnel cakes or some kind of fun treat to eat. Nope. Didn't happen. The lines for the food were probably an hour long. Joey stood in line almost half an hour with the line barely moving. So he gave up. And to make matters worse, the lines for the bathroom were about half an hour long too(and of course two of our kids needed to pee so more waiting continued..). So it was a night of waiting. And kids whining. And crowds. And people smoking too close to us. And a few bug bites. And a 4 mile walk with five kids and a huge stroller and a pregnant lady. Scratch that: a pregnant lady in a  baaaad mood :)

But we took a few pics to pretend we did have fun. 

And okay, we did get to see the balloon glow. That was cool. Oh and we waited(more waiting! yea!) for fireworks and watched those. Those were cool too. But not cool enough for the torture Joey and I endured that night... ;)

Plano Balloon Festival. It was real. It was fun. But we are so over you. Celina next year...

Thursday, October 09, 2014


To my surprise, we just found out this little baby is a boy! We are very excited to have 3 and 3! :) Couldn't have planned it more perfectly. I love my little boys and how much they love me so I can't wait to have another. I am so curious what he'll look like and what personality he'll have(though the sonogram..and the fact that I feel lots & lots of kicks...lets us know he is quite active. Oh my..:) So I posted before that I felt like we had a daughter coming to our family in the future. Well, you can guess I am confused! Now I honestly don't know where we stand as far as how many kids we will have...we will revisit that topic next year ;) I thought six was it. Maybe it still is. It will be between Joey, I and the Lord...maybe we have another still up there. Maybe we don't. Maybe it was just feelings I had to let us know five wasn't the end. Or maybe we are having a boy so that we do have 7 because there is a girl still waiting. Who knows. Maybe I'm just crazy and don't know what in the world we are supposed to do! All I know is that is my desire-to do what I'm supposed to do. And even though five seems crazy sometimes, I know the Lord will help us and provide sanity and means to do what it is that He has planned for us. Whether its 6 or 7. And can you believe Joey agrees? :) We read this talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson the other day about children that really helped me sort through my feelings and anxieties over it all. I am such a planner that its hard for me when I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Or what our future holds. Maybe I'm a control freak? Hahaha. But that article gave me peace and after Joey and I talked, I felt better. He is open to more if we feel its right in the future. We don't have to know now. We will figure it out eventually. So if you ask me if we are done, as crazy as it sounds, I just don't know!

So, this year we decided to do the sonogram differently. Usually we have all the kids with us. This time we decided to do a cupcake gender reveal at home after everyone was home from work/school. So Joey and I found out at the sonogram and we kept it a secret all day. The kids came home later and were so excited to bite into their cupcakes and see what color frosting was inside! Originally all of us thought it was a girl, except for Ammon(you are the winner buddy!). When he bit into the cupcake and saw blue, we asked him what color was inside..he said, "Boy!" And was so excited! He had told us in the past when we asked him what was in my tummy, a boy or girl, "Boy..we already had a lot of girl babies..." Hahaha. He can add ;) Wes has no idea whats going on, but he likes cupcakes :) The girls are all happy, though Cali was hoping to share a room with a little sister so she was a little sad about that(but she got over it fast). And guess what? We already have the name. We had both picked out about a week before sonogram(because, like I said, I'm a planner :) And here it is:

Luke Gerratt

Luke is just a name we really love. I've always liked it. Solid. And just sounds right, like it fits with our family. And it doesn't hurt that it is the main character of Star Wars' name ;) So Joey couldn't say no. He'll be practicing using the force before he can walk. LOL. Gerratt is meaningful because it was Joey's mission president's last name. He was a HUGE influence on Joey in his life during those years on his mission. An amazing man that I'm proud to name my son after. He even flew to our wedding(it was a surprise!) with his wife to be there. That doesn't happen too often that a mission president comes to one of his missionaries marriages. Joey was his AP so I think he was special to him too :) I think the name is perfect! We are having fun already calling the baby "him" and calling him by Luke...

Sweet little profile and even a little hand up
 And just a good shot of his leetle spine

Cupcake party!

And a chocolate toothed about-to-be-big-brother :)