Thursday, October 02, 2014

Aubrey is a did this happen?!

Okay y'all. I guess Joey and I are officially old. We now have a teenager in the house! ACK!!!! :) On September 10, Aubrey hit the BIG 13! Since her birthday was on a busy weekday, we did our fun family stuff the Saturday before. She decided to go to Jump Street for some trampoline fun. We had never been as a family before(she had been with friends) and it was a really great place. Something for everyone.The older girls did their thing while we were with the littles in the kid zone. They were all tired and sweaty afterwards(and slept really well that night:) Then we went to Durkins Pizza. She had been with friends but we had never all tried it before. It was SO GOOD. Now I know why she had been wanting to take us here for so long! The crust is so soft. And buttery. And the toppings were generous and delish. We will definitely be going back! They also have a smores pizza which is pretty intense. We came home that evening having had a fun filled delicious night. She chose well!!! Then her real birthday came along...we started off the day with her choice: donuts. She then had to go to school(BOOOO!) but then that evening we had a fun family party with an icecream cake(I didn't have to make it-score!:) and eclairs. She opened presents throughout the day(a couple in the morning and then a few in the evening). Her favorite gifts were of course the candies and homemade gifts from her sibs, the longboard from us, jacket from my parents, shirt from my inlaws, and hat from my sis. She looked like one cool skater chick before the night was over :) She has recently tried longboarding and is finally getting the hang of it. Her and Ella like to cruise the hood together. They had been borrowing Joey's boards but she wanted one of her own.

About Aubrey, she is still a righteous little gal. She is already way ahead with her personal progress requirements for YW in just her first year. She has strong desires to choose the right and be a good example. I am so proud of the light that she is. I have every confidence in the world that she will excel in her life and find joy in it. She will set the example for all of her sibs to hopefully follow. She is also brilliantly smart. I think last year she got all A+s all year long! On the state tests she might have missed one or two questions on the entire thing. This year already she is making high A's and standing out of the crowd. She has a goal to be on the sign for our town that has the pics of the top ten graduates. I think that is an attainable and awesome goal! She is improving in volleyball lots. She is also becoming more fascinated with photography as she is in a photojournalism class this semester. Joey told her she could play around with his old camera and she is having so much fun with it. And she is talented and artistic with it(like he is:) I also love that she is a good public speaker(neither Joey and I love it). She just answers questions in YW, in school, and will bear her testimony in church often. She is an example to ME!  She is also so friendly and will just introduce herself to new people and try to seek out those that are lonely. What an awesome teenager this girl is already. So far, so good :) We love her to pieces. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Good times at Jump Street

Seriously yummy pizza...

Smores delightfulness

A really sticky messy kid.

 Birthday morning and then evening celebrations!

We did an owl themed party because her room is owlish :)

 I LOVE this pic!!!!

Look at Cali cheering her on as she blows out her candles :)


An intrigued little dude...

Feels right...this kid is totally going to be a skateboarder. We already know it :)

 Lookin goooood..

 Aubrey and her bros tearin it up yo.

And thus ends our gauntlet of birthdays ;) Four in a one month period. Whew.  I survived. 

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Unknown said...

She's an awesome kid! We all just love Aubrey and are so proud of her. I just can't say it enough how special she is. I love the owl themed party- so cute. And next time I visit, you must take me to that pizza place. ;)