Friday, October 24, 2014

Aubrey's First Temple Trip

So, as most of you know, our family is LDS/Mormon.  Some of you might be asking, what is an LDS Temple? It is a sacred place to worship God & make covenants(promises).  We believe temples are the houses of God here on the Earth. When you turn 12 years old, you have the ability, if worthy, to enter the temple and do work there. Its also where we marry(in adulthood:) and are sealed to each other for time and all eternity. Joey and I were sealed in the Dallas Temple over 14 years ago! And here we are, living in the Dallas area now! So neat to be living close to this temple now. Its where it all started for us :)

What is meant when Mormons use the word "temple work" all of the time? Well, we believe that there are sacred covenants and ordinances necessary for all on this earth to receive to enter into the highest kingdom of glory once we leave this life. We make the covenants for ourselves and then we also do it for those that have gone on before us, those that didn't have that opportunity(they can choose to accept the work or not). We are big on genealogy and family history work because we believe in doing these ordinance for everyone so that we are all together again someday. That's pretty much the basics of it, from my perspective anyways :)

So temples are amazing, beautiful, peaceful and literally heaven on earth. You step inside and feel peace. Its like you get to take a break from this crazy world for awhile ;) I was so excited when Aubrey had her first chance to go with our church youth group recently. Joey and I were also able to go with her and be there. It was so special!I had actually done some family history on my dad's side and found some names of people who hadn't had their work done yet and we were able to do the work. It was a very special experience! I had never brought names before that I had found myself. It changed the experience for me and made it feel even more "real" if that makes sense..I felt close to those ancestors and I know Aubrey did too(and Joey!). It sounds like an odd thing to some people, doing work for someone who isn't alive anymore, but if you really think about it, it really makes sense. They are part of us and by seeking them out and learning about them and serving them, you grow so much. And you feel a special connection with them. It was an awesome experience I will never forget. We are proud of you Aubrey! To enter the temple, you have to be worthy and clean. You are interviewed to make sure you are keeping the commandments of God and living your life righteously before you are allowed to go inside. Because it is His house and no unclean thing can enter. I'm happy to know she is living her life in this way and striving to always follow her Savior, Jesus Christ. She is such a good girl and we are so proud of her!


Unknown said...

Such a good post. Glad you were able to have that special experience with Aubrey.

Emily said...

I think it is awesome how you explained this! :) Aubrey is a blessed young lady to have parents that set such a good example for her!