Sunday, October 19, 2014

Excited for Wesleys first Trick or Treat!

As we approach Halloween, I have found myself scouring the bookshelves at the library for fun fall and Halloween books for my littles to enjoy. We have decorated our house and picked out our costumes. Fall is my absolute favorite season so we go all out(pumpkin muffins have been baked already many times people!) I have also been on the hunt for fun Halloween cartoons and shows for my kiddos to watch during this fun season! And I have found some thanks to Netflix(What did we do before Netflix? Seriously.)

This will be Wesley's first official time to go trick or treating. Last year he was barely walking but this year I know he'll be barreling down the street and up to the doors to get his candy fix. I'm so excited to watch all of my kids dress up and trick or treat, but isn't it extra magical when its your littlest one experiencing this for the first time? One of my boys favorite shows right now is Jake and the Neverland Pirates(remember how Ammon was Jake for Halloween last year? Cutest Jake ever!). And yea for two seasons on Netflix to enjoy! We watched Episode 15 of Season 2: Tricks, Treats and Treasures for a fun Halloween episode with all of their favorite characters dressed up for Halloween going through Neverland to "trick or treasure."  And okay, they didn't watch it just once...or twice :)

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Unknown said...

I seriously love Netflix, too! I bet Wesley is gonna love trick or treating! How fun!!