Saturday, November 08, 2014

Halloween Fun 2014

We had so many fun activities for the kids to participate in this Halloween! Our ward trunk or treat was super fun this year. The older kids all ran around with friends while we walked the boys around to the various games/trunk or treating. Ella got to walk around with the other "things" in the ward and it was really cute to watch. Ammon was such a  muscley stud and people kept talking about how adorable Yoda was. Wonder Woman and Dr. Who hung out while Dorothy ran around with her little princess friend, Lola. It was fun to see them all having fun and socializing. I'm so glad they've all made friends here. On the drive home, the boys were in heaven devouring their candy :) I think they thought it was the best night of their life(little did they realize that actual Halloween was just around the corner;) 

We spent one evening as a family painting pumpkins(the little ones from the patch). They each painted theirs to match their costumes. Their idea! So cute. They are all so unique and artistic.

Then on Halloween Eve, we carved our big pumpkin(because carving one was about all we could handle;) Its hard, ok? My Mom and brother, Taylor, were actually here visiting and got to be part of the fun! It was so nice to have them here for this holiday. I'm not sure when the last time my mom was with us on Halloween. I would guess back when we lived in Corpus? Which was like 11 years ago? It was so fun. I hate living so far because there are so many memories we miss out on with them, but it was nice to have them trick or treat with our family for the first time in ages.

  We made a cute leetle minion. I'm proud of how he turned out!

My mom had sent a package before her trip out(which was unexpected. My poor aunt broke her heel/ankle/foot and so my mom came with my grandma and brother to help her and be here for her. And visit us at the same time too.) So the package arrived when she was here which was fun for the kids to open and enjoy with her here. Thanks Grandma! ;)

And the rest are just some fun pics from Halloween evening before trick or treating...making treats...eating our Halloween was a great holiday! It was neat to walk around our neighborhood with our family with us this time. Even my Aunt Sandy and her family joined us! And the weather was awesome. It was a Happy Halloween for sure.

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