Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hes my baby

See this cutie right here? Hes my baby. All of my kids will always be my babies, but right now he is THE BABY in the house. Its always bittersweet when you know you are having another and the "baby" of the house will all of the sudden grow up as soon as the new one arrives. Doesn't that happen? All of the sudden they seem so much older!! I'm treasuring these last three months with my little two year old before his little brother arrives. Babying him as much as possible :) He is a joy...he is outgrowing some of the terribles of the past few months  and becoming a caring little gentleman. Still mischievous :) And a destroyer at times, haha, but seriously one gentle little boy. I haven't been feeling good the past couple of days and he has come over and rubbed my arm or patted my back and given me kisses just when I needed it. The other day I hurt myself and he ran right over to comfort me in an instant when no one else noticed. I love this little boy so much! And he is going to be a wonderful big brother too. Just like his big brother :) And that scrunchy nosed squinty eyed smile couldn't be any more adorable! It gets him out of trouble sometimes too...I'm not gonna lie.

 This picture melts me. Thanks Joey for capturing our little Wesley and the love I have for him so perfectly.

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Unknown said...

Awwwww, definitely bittersweet. These are some great pictures of him (especially the one of the two of you). He's gonna be a great big brother!