Monday, November 10, 2014

Newspaper Stars!

I recently took the boys to a storytime at the local fire station. We had so much fun there(I'll admit I haven't been the best at taking them to storytimes this year...bad me). After stories, they got to tour the station, sit in a fire truck, meet the firestation dalmatian, and go home with adorable little hats. They loved petting and looking at the dog. They couldn't stay away from him, though Wesley would keep a safe distance. And they also felt super cool sitting inside the truck(though Wesley was quite hesitant about that too...but the firefighter just scooped him up really quick and plopped him on the seat so he had no choice, hahaha!)I saw on Facebook that the librarian needed photos to submit to the newspaper. And as you can see, my picture of the boys made the front page!!! Yeee-ah. They are so cute, so I wasn't shocked ;) Okay, I was. I had a friend give me her copy of the paper too so they can each have one in their special boxes. Pretty cool!

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Unknown said...

They're famous!! Try not to let the fame get to their heads, though. ;)