Sunday, November 16, 2014

One of our favorite family movies is on Netflix-yessss.

I was recently browsing through kids movies (okay, I do this several times a week for my kids on Netflix!) and saw that the adorable 2006 version of Charlotte's Web, starring Dakota Fanning, is now on Netflix.

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This is one of our favorites because its one of the few movies out there that has no bad language and nothing "scary" so every single person in our family can watch it. And it has enough going on for even the adults to enjoy. I also LOVE the message of this story. There are I guess many messages but to me, what stands out, is how important friendship is. You can become friends with the most unlikely people(or animals;) Sometimes people I thought wouldn't be "my type" or people I thought I might not have anything in common with, have become my very best friends! Also, be there for your friends no matter what. Become someone they can lean on and trust in. A true friend in your life is worth more than gold. I love how good movies out there can trigger these kind of conversations with my children.

Whats your favorite family movie on Netflix right now?

Oh, and speaking of friends, Friends (all 10 seasons!!!) is coming to Netflix January 1st. I am SO excited!!! This was one of my favorite shows as an older teen/young adult :) I can't wait to relive it all over again...

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Unknown said...

I am not a big fan of Netflix. Mostly I buy DVDs from the DVD store next my door. :)
- Jeff