Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ella's 11th!

Ella is 11!! My little snuggly happy finger sucking blanket rubbin baby girl is 11:) Can't believe it! She waited a long 364 days since her last birthday to celebrate ;) She is so funny...she was counting down since like September? I remember her telling me a few times something like, "Mom only 105 days till my birthday!" But who's counting? hehe. She also once again did a little paper chart countdown in the hallway once we were down to ten days. I love this girl and the way her mind works. Such a planner and so organized. The day of her birthday she requested donuts for breakfast and we also had her open gifts from us(because they were ice skating pants and a jacket and I knew I wanted to take her to the rink to get some skating in that day:) Joey had to go to work that day so we did everything bright and early that morning. One of her gifts was a skating pass so in the afternoon I took her to the rink for about an hour or so, just her and I, and let her practice. She is getting so good! She is taking a break right now for basketball so it was fun for her to be on the ice again. She looked all pro and legit in her new ice gear ;) Then that evening we did our family party when Joey got home from work. She wanted a homemade bundt cake and I will say it tasted pretty amazing. Aubrey decorated with the frosting. It totally looks like a Nothing Bundt Cake! Great work Aub! :) We also had a little dance party(the pics below are are a riot-the boys like to belly dance I guess? ;) The next day Joey had off  so that was the day of her "fun" thing to pick to do. She had a hard time choosing what she wanted to do for her birthday this year. She couldn't decide! So I mentioned Amazing Jake's because its somewhere we've gone for Aubrey and Cali's birthdays but never for hers. As soon as I said it, she said, YES! We all had a great time that day!!

I am so grateful for our Ella. She helps me so much and helps at just the right times. There are times I feel overwhelmed with housework and she just steps right up, most of the time without me even asking her! She is super nurturing and will be a wonderful mother someday. She is so patient with the boys and talks to them in such a sweet voice. She is cheerful and crafty and creative! Though she doesn't do rainbow loom or duck tape or scavenge for boxes to build things the way she used to, she still finds ways to create things that are useful and really awesome. She amazes us in that way. And she is so graceful and has a sense of balance I will never have. I love to watch her ice skate and board/rollerblade.  She is a good example to her siblings and friends. Her primary teacher has told me she is one of her favorites(she may have said her favorite even:)...and always comes up to me and tells me what a great daughter I have, how helpful and sweet she is in class. It doesn't surprise me at all! She is a wonderful daughter and righteous young lady. She even finished reading the Book of Mormon this year! (thats another blog post too:)We love you so much, Ella! Happy 11th Birthday!

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Unknown said...

I loved seeing all of the birthday pics and reading all about Ella! She really does look awesome in her ice skating gear. Cake looks great too, Aub! Glad y'all had fun; happy birthday Ella!!!