Saturday, December 06, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Fun: Post 1 of 2 :)

We recently got back from a week look vacay down in CC to visit our families for the Thanksgiving holidays. We made so many fun memories. I'll first start with the first half of our trip: at my parents. We did lots of fun things with everyone: Funtrackers(go carts), delicious Mexican food, card games, ping pong outside, bubbles, fed the ducks at the lake and also enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast with them. Everyone was there except poor Austin :( But we will see him at Christmas time! Its been fun for the kids to have a baby cousin to play with. Tara lives a good 45 min or so from my parents but still made the trip out each day to spend time with us while we were there which I appreciated! And my kids also of course have fun with their grandparents and uncles too. Enjoy the pics below! And lots of photo bombing and goofy faces. Cuz thats how this fam rollz.

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