Friday, December 19, 2014

Trimming our tree 2014

Whats more exciting than setting up the Christmas tree? Not much, not much at all. I love turning on the music, busting out our Christmas decor boxes, and going to town. It was fun to have Wesley truly in on the decorating action this year. He was soooo funny. He just had a certain branch he kept going to and laying ornaments on top(see last picture). We also have these dangling twisty pointed ornaments that he would just "stab" the tree with. And leave them there. He even broke one with the force he used! Ahhh, that kid is funny. I loved hearing the kids say things like "Oh I remember this ornament!" or "I remember when we got this one!" I love our tree because its a mixture of mostly memorable ornaments/kid made and pretty garland and balls. I don't do a just a "mom in charge" fancy tree. Or just a kid tree. Its just a nice combo of who we are and a revisiting of memories from years past. I love our tree! 

I included the first pic only for anyone wanting to see that yes, I am definitely showing! And this is even an old picture since we decorated almost 3 weeks ago. I'm even phatter now(notice the "ph";) Fatter and phatter yall.

And I'll end with Wesleys corner of the tree :)

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Unknown said...

Such a pretty tree with such meaningful ornaments! Love it! Wes did a fabulous job, too. ;) Something so magical about putting up the Christmas tree.