Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

I'm posting this after my New Year's post. Oh well. Thats me. I'm a little backwards sometimes ;) Christmas Eve was packed full of fun and lots of yummy foodie. We were excited to have Aunt Cindy share in our Christmas Eve "party" where we have all of our little fun finger foods and sherbet punch. She even brought the kids sweet gifts too! We decorated chocolate chip cookie cutouts this year as opposed to sugar cookie cutouts that we usually do. I had heard Santa prefers chocolate chip... ;) Then we had the kids open up their presents from us which were these cute footie pajamas. Footies for older kids/teens are actually cool right now, can you believe that?! Ha! So it was funny to have them all footied up before bedtime. They looked so cute. But of course the older girls didn't smile for the pic. They had to do some punk faces and peace signs or whatever. lol. We ended the night with reading the Christmas story from the Bible and everyone having a part. Then they were all tucked in and ready to wake up in the morning. They all expected presents from Santa so I guess they thought they were good this year...we'll see...;)

This picture is awesome because I'm now noticing that Wesley has the bag of M&Ms and is going to town shoving as many as he can in his mouth before someone catches him.

 And this picture is awesome because, well, Cindy hates her picture taken. But I took it anyways. And now I'm posting it. Whahahahahaha!

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Unknown said...

What a fun Christmas Eve party! Makes me hungry looking at all those delicious treats. Funny, I thought Santa's favorite cookies were sugar, lol. ;-) Love those pajamas; I need to find some for myself.