Sunday, January 18, 2015


Christmas was wonderful. I'm grateful for these precious children. Santa loves to spoil them on this special day because, well, they are just so special:) They are loving and helpful. They are sweet and adorable. They are grateful and kind. They are the best! Ain't nothin wrong with sugaring them up and spoiling them two days a year(birthday and Christmas:)  I've read some recent blog posts about parents "cancelling Christmas"(the Santa part) or just giving their kids one gift or something like that. I think thats stupid. If your kids are that spoiled constantly and that entitled then it sounds like other things might need to change around your house...just sayin. Don't hate me ;) But seriously, Christmas morning is the best! I have so many awesome memories from that! So magical. There is no way I'd cancel it unless my kids were total punks all the time. But they aren't because I'm teaching them gratitude and they rarely just get a new toy out of the blue, if ever at all(unless they use their own money...) And I think you can incorporate lots of Christian traditions/focus on the Savior and also mix it up with the fun of Santa too. And just have a wonderful season. I think too many parents are overanalyzing, like EVERYTHING. Its seriously annoying me right now. No sugar! No Christmas!  Only organic! No McDonalds! No fun! No, no, no. C'mon people. Get a life. Lets let kids be kids. Anyways, just my thoughts on that. whether you wanted them or not. Ha! My blog :) Anyways, I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas too!!!

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Unknown said...

I'm 100% with you on this! Parents be goin crazy! :) I would never to to such extremes with my kids; that's just mean. And yeah, something else needs to change of your kids are brats.
Loved the Christmas pictures, especially how excited their little faces are! Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas.