Saturday, January 24, 2015

Little Lukey

I'm already calling this baby Lukey! Ha! I just can't help myself. I've already nicknamed him.We had another sonogram recently and got this great profile shot of Luke. He was so cute-he kept on sucking his thumb! You can see his little fist up in this picture below. Its so crazy that there is a little baby in there just sucking his thumb and kicking the life outta me ;) I am 33 weeks today so just a few more weeks left. The plan is to induce March 11. Spring Break is gonna be one party over here! ;) I'm having a hard time walking around thanks to sciatic nerve issues and I'm already waking up every couple of hours to switch sides at night. So I'm already ready for this baby to come out, but I'll be patient and wait about 6 1/2 more weeks to meet him...I guess :) Every pregnancy is a little harder(and of course I have gestational diabetes again...but its borderline, not bad, just have to watch my sugars a little bit). I think the older you get the less your body handles being pregnant as well it seems. Not that I'm old or anything(or course not! lol), but its definitely more uncomfortable than when I was 21 and having Aubrey. I can't believe we are reaching the home stretch. I can't wait to hold him and look into his eyes for the first time. That. Is. The. Best. Oh, and we got verification on this sonogram that he is very much a boy. No question there. With the first sonogram I never saw a good view of that area...this time I definitely did. All boy! I love you so much Luke and I can't wait for you to join this family soon. I hope you are excited! You have lots of awesome  siblings to play with, a crazy(fun;) mom, and an amazing Dad to raise you!

Update 1/26/15: Doc wants to induce March 9th even sooner!!

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Unknown said...

He is so very lucky to be joining such a wonderful and righteous family. I just am so excited to meet this little guy, too. Just weeks away now, eeeek!! Can't wait to see you all again soon. It'll be a party for sure!