Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Night at the manger, the crazy cool light house in our town, and a boy who isn't sure about it

We really enjoyed this evening. We went to our neighboring LDS wards first annual live nativity. It was really nice!! Its great to have an activity to take the kids to that isn't all Santa-fied. It was a beautiful evening and I really felt the true meaning of Christmas in my heart as we watched the story of Christ's birth as a family. The kids enjoyed the hot cocoa too :) Afterwards we drove over to a house in our town that has a gazillion lights all set to blink/dance to music. It is crazy! They must take weeks to set this up. They probably start in October I would think :) Anyways, it was fun! As you can see, Wesley didn't know what to think about it. The last picture makes me laugh. 

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Unknown said...

That nativity looks great! And that house looks like Christmas exploded all over it, lol. Wes's face is hilarious!