Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Adventures of Puss in Boots now on Netflix

Puss in Boots

A new show has JUST premiered on Netflix this month-woohoo! Its a Netflix original entitled, The Adventures of Puss in Boots. My kids have already watched all the episodes that are currently on and can't wait for more. I would say the show is geared to ages 4-10ish but is suitable for all ages. If your family loves this Shrek character(And face it, who doesn't love Puss in Boots?! Those eyes with the music crack me up one can resist the little furball), then your family will love this new show.

So cats really aren't my thing as far as pets go. I'm allergic to them. I think they smell awful. They shed like crazy. Only some of them are actually we have a dog. And he(Zac) really isn't my thing either. Sometimes I think, why the heck did we buy this dog?! All he does is whine for stuff! Like my kids! LOL. Sometimes I feel like all he does is lay around, but then he is bipolar around 3pm and all the sudden "wakes up" and acts like a psycho. He freaks out when someone knocks on our door(and then continues to excitedly pee on them if said door opens. He can't help it. He really can't. Its a small breed thing...but still, embarrassing! I have to always remember to put him up or have one of the kids hold him when someone comes over...ugh. And he just likes to bug me for stuff. Like food or water or going outside to relieve himself!(Gosh hes demanding! He actually asks for things needed to survive! Ha!)  But then there are moments when I look outside and I see my kids chasing him around(while he runs for dear life) or holding him in their lap while they drive their power wheels around while the wind blows in his little face. Or I see Cali give him a kiss. Or I see Wesley trying to make him sit in his lap while he watches TV..while Zac tries to courteously decline. Or when they play fetch with him. Or just carry the little 7 lb ball of fluff around. And I think to myself, THIS is why we got a dog. We really do love the little fart. He really is a special dog, very loving and sweet, obedient, good with our kids, doesn't get into things, totally housebroken, doesn't destroy and best of all hes small. So small poop. Yeah, I just said that. Pets really are a special part of the family. I know my kids will treasure their memories with our little maltipoo, Zachary. We do love ya Zac! And thanks for loving us all no matter how crappy your owners are sometimes ;) 

Hes pretty darn cute.

In honor of pets, check out these other Netflix titles that celebrate the pets in our lives:

Pet Party (great for your little ones, my two year old LOVES this)
Pet Party

Clifford's Puppy Days (Its Clifford, but small. Its confusing really...:)

Annie (One of the all time GREATS!)

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Unknown said...

Aw, I loved this post. Totally how I feel most days with Maya, except I don't have those "awww", ever. lol. We're gonna have to check out Pet Party for sure! ;)