Saturday, February 28, 2015

If you thought the dress thing was intriguing, check out this show on Netflix

My last post was about the whole "black and blue' or "white and gold dress." It's still trippy to me how everyone saw something different! So, the hubs found a really interesting show on Netflix the other day called, Brain Games. It explains so many different visual/mental/sensory phenomenons and has you also participate in "games" to test you. Its full of illusions and experiments to test you and show you how our brain can literally trick us sometimes. Its fun to watch together and see whose smarter(which of course I always am..jk:) This show is way more interesting than the picture of the black and blue dress, so check it out y'all!!! And yes, I just called it a black and blue dress...because that's what it was ;)

Image result for brain games

This post was written as a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I receive compensation through a paid Netflix streaming subscription but I PROMISE you all opinions expressed are my very own.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Blue and Black or White and Gold


So this dress is whats all over social media right now. And it really has nothing to do with my blog other than the fact that I need to put it out there that I'm right. Its a blue and black dress. ;) Well, actually what I see is a black and blue dress in poor light-it looks very faded. The black almost looks brown towards the top. the

Anyways, what has gotten into our world that this is the top story in the news?! We are all so lame. Myself included. I'm going to go to my closet now in dim light and take a picture of a shirt and hope it makes it BIG. I need some fame y'all.

For the science behind it click here. No one is really wrong ;) But I know I'm right...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh man, we've got cute kids

Joey took these GORGEOUS pictures of our kids in the fall(a lil late posting because well, he JUST edited them! I had to harass him a few times...I'm nice like that.) Anyways, I LOVE them. LOOOOOOVE them. He is one talented guy. And we have some seriously beautiful children. Check out his website for more of his stuff!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seriously adorable homemade snow globes

 So, I cannot take any credit for these puppies. At all. But I just had to share on my blog because I'm sure this will inspire other crafty people out there! My sweet and talented amazing friend, Susan, made these little snow globes/place setting holders for our family as a wonderful Christmas gift for our family. My hubs took these pics of them. I was so touched by the time she took to make these and make each one unique for each one of us(and she included Luke too!) How did I become so blessed to meet this person and have her in my life!? I don't know exactly how she made these but I do know the bottoms of these are mason jar lids and then the inside is paper stamped and quite intricately cut. And then of course glittery stuff and leetle reindeer placed inside. She is a stamp/craft/paper/card professional! I just love these so much and will think of her every Christmas as I set these out for our meals. Love you girl!

And speaking of snow, North Texas has snow in the forecast soon! My kids slept with their pjs on inside out last night, put ice in the toilet and a spoon under their pillows. Doing those three things is supposed to call the snow here or something(their piano teacher said;) Hahahaha. We shall see.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I love Ammon's prayers...

I have to blog these adorable things this kid is saying or I will forget! My favorite lines from Ammon's prayers lately...and he isn't kidding or trying to be silly about any of it. Straight up honest :) Kids are awesome like that.

-Please bless Cali to stop picking her nose. (Cali then got very angry to be called out like that! Hahahaha.)
-Please bless that we'll have enough sausage for breakfast.
-Please bless that we'll get presents from Mommy & Daddy on Valentines Day tomorrow.
-Please bless Cali and Ella to close their eyes during the prayer.
-Please bless us to be helpful.
-Please bless Wesley to sit down.
-Please bless Wesley to stop hitting me.

He's simply adorable.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Better late than never

Just a fun picture of my six favorite people on New Years Eve. We likes to party. Chicken wings, celery, crazy glasses and hats..and of course, some sparkling cider. We do it right. 

Monday, February 09, 2015

Getting the family together again

We hosted a LOT of my family over for a post-Christmas party at our house a few days after Christmas this year. I love a good party!! A lot of people were in town and it was so fun to have our home filled with laughter and love. And good food. :) Back in the old days, when I was a kid, every holiday was spent at my Grandma and Grandpa's house in CC. There were always so many people there. They had 11 kids and most of them still lived in that area at the time with their kids. So yeah, that was always a lot of people! Holidays were nuts. And awesomeness. So sooo many great memories. As the years have passed, almost every one has moved and only a few people remain down there. And my Grandpa passed away and my Grandma now lives with my parents. So the holidays are different now:( But having so many of us together again for this party was like the old days again. People were even playing rounds of Peanuts!(a traditional card game we used to play at every holiday.) It was magic again. I remember looking at my Grandma sitting in the living room that night and she looked happy and content. I know she loves to see everyone together and to be surrounded by her posterity. So that made me happy. Its sad how things change..people pass away...people move far away...but life goes on, and it goes on through our posterity and families. And there is no greater joy in life than with our families. I was happy to see so many of us together again. But I did think of those we are missing and are waiting on the other side...Grandpa, Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Ricky and my cousin, Kyle. 
Anyways, it was a good time. I hope we do it again sometime! My kids were able to meet some of my cousins kids and have lots of fun with them too. They played outside in ridiculously cold temperatures but didn't seem to care. They were having so much fun they didn't realize they were getting frostbite ;)

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night...because my mom is proudly displaying a box of Bagel Bites like a Price is Right model. I love it! Hahahaha.  

Time to eat!

Bball in the driveway. It was like 40 degrees. I stayed inside.

Taking the truck and jeep for a spin...

Wes and his buddy Jordyn


Friday, February 06, 2015

You are gonna thank me for this..

This is an amazingly delicious and super easy breakfast recipe that my friend, Kellie Mott, shared. I made it last week and my kids have begged for it again ever since. Instead of doing it in muffin tins though, I just plopped the biscuit chunks on a large cookie sheet and then spread the frosting all over.   And yeah, of course its healthy....only five cups of sugar involved :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I love my sibs

 Just thinking about my brothers and sister today and how much I love those butts. Seriously though, they are all four awesome people that I'm blessed to be big sister to. Growing up the oldest of five was fun. Of course we didn't always get along perfectly(I still have claw/bite scars still from Tara...jk:) but we're all growed up now and good friends. I love them so much! Its fun to have a big family-more people to love and to be loved by :) Three of them were here visiting last month(we missed you Mark!!) and there was one afternoon where we were all outside in the backyard with the littles. Crew was having fun running around the yard while my brothers spent quality time with my kiddos. It was bitter cold(to us Texans anyways) but we braved the cold to get out of the house and explore the outdoors. And make some fun little memories. I will never forget watching Austin pull Ammon through the yard in the wagon as Ammon giggled in delight. Or watching Taylor play tetherball with the girls and swing with Zac :) And watching Tara chase her kid around..hahaha. Can you tell that I love that she is a Mom now?? :) In all seriousness though, she is an awesome mom! So loving, crafty, funny and fun. Crew is a lucky boy. And of course Tara and I had to act like goofs for a couple of photos...lucky for you though, not too crazy goofy. Just a smidge. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Oh, are amazing and wonderful yet confusing and difficult all at once.

That perfectly describes me lately.

So, I've been struggling lately with a lot of different emotions in my life. I blame pregnancy for being a bit more weepy than usual. My poor hubs... :) But still these feelings are real. I'm sure EVERY mom struggles with the same thoughts I have sometimes. I'm sure of that, yet I feel alone in my struggles some days. Lately, I've been down on myself. I feel like what I do on a day to day basis gets undone almost immediately. I clean clothes..only for them to be worn the next day and dirty all over again. I vacuum and mop the floors only for my kids to track in a mess 10 minutes later. I wipe off the table after lunch only for it to be sticky and crummy again after my kids eat snacks after school. When my husband gets home from work, I feel like some days there is NOTHING to show for what I've done. Some days I wake up and think what am I doing today other than cleaning and taking kids places? Whelp, um, that's what I'm doing. It feels so much like circles some days.

I stupidly compare myself to other moms. Too much. We as women do this waaaaay too much. Its hard not to. The other day I had something to drop off at a friends home and when she answered the door, her makeup was perfect, her hair done, and she was even sporting a stylish apron as the smell of freshly baked cookies wafted in the air. I thought, seriously?! If someone was to come to my door unannounced, you know what they'd see?  It'd be me with no makeup on, unattractive sweat pants and old lady orthotic slippers that I have to wear because of plantars fasciitis (don't be jealous y'all). And probably nothing in the oven. Well, other than a "bun" ;)

And then there are the, "Who am I?" feelings. I know who I am from a spiritual perspective. I really do. I am a daughter of God. I have goals and dreams and am doing everything I can to attain them for myself and my family. And I know my value as a Mom is priceless. I love being a wife and mom more than ANYTHING in the world. My husband and children are precious to me. I find so much joy in what I'm doing despite the rough days. But what I'm saying is something more shallow I, what am I good at? What do I really enjoy other than being a Mom and wife? When I'm asked what my hobbies are these days, I'm sorta at a loss. I really am just taking care of everyone right now. That's my season in life I guess. But then I see other moms who have kids AND have hobbies. What?! I have a friend who works out religiously every day. I'm just not motivated in that way. I have a friend who decorates cakes LIKE A BOSS. I don't have the patience to do that. I know someone whose house is always immaculate. Well, my house is mostly clean. Most of the time :) I know someone who can decorate amazingly. My house is kinda plain I think. I know someone who cooks seriously gourmet food. Well, I cook and my family likes what I cook.  But its not gourmet and not something I'd call a talent. I don't sew but I make a little something here and there. I just sorta dibble and dabble in a little bit of everything. But I don't have a "thing" that I feel I'm good at. And right now I feel like I need something, something just for me. So I'm searching for that. My husband says that I blog and that's my thing. And I do enjoy it. But I almost feel like that isn't a real thing...hahaha. I do enjoy writing but its not something concrete I feel? I don't know. I know, this is dumb. I shouldn't feel like that.

Am I having a 3rd trimester hormonal identity crisis here!? Geez. :)  Even though I've spilled some personal thoughts of mine here today on this blog of mine that maybe I'll regret(I feel so naked right now!), I hope other mamas reading this know they aren't alone with any of these feelings.  I sure have them some days! I've had people actually make comments to me( in real life) that I am it all together..I have lots of friends...etc. Um, I don't feel that way. At all. I think the lens we look at other people through sometimes is very distorted and we have social media to thank for a lot of that I believe(hence the picture I posted above:). I know that the woman with her makeup all did, the cute apron donned and makeup perfectly applied isn't always that way. I just came on a good day(and then I have to remind myself also-her youngest of three kids is 14! Not 2!) I have to remind myself every day that I am good at things..I just have a hard time finding what those are some days :) Motherhood is so overwhelming at times that it makes you feel stripped of your identity-ya know, the one you had before you became a Mom. I used to have hobbies-I played tennis, read, loved school/learning/making good grades, art, etc. I still love those things but they've taken the back burner. I have to remind myself that someday I will be able to do those things more avidly again. And when that day comes, you know what? Its ironic really. I'm going to miss my babies. I'm going to yearn to have them little again. I won't give a crap about playing tennis or having the time to sit and read a book! BECAUSE WHAT I'M DOING NOW IS MORE REWARDING, BRINGS ME GREATER JOY, AND IS WHAT GOD SENT ME HERE TO DO. I am a mother and that is the greatest thing I can be. In the day to day of it, it feels sometimes unrewarding and just exhausting. But I receive blessings and rewards each day that trump anything out there. I get wet kisses, a 4 year old asking me to marry him all of the time, shopping trips with my daughters, lots of "i love you"s and "you're the best mom ever!"s :) I have a husband that tells me daily that dinner was delicious and the house looks clean(even when neither is true!). This time in my life with a young family is precious, how could I ever think otherwise? In the thick of it, its hard to sit back and see it but I have a goal to try and do that more. I need to be happy with where I am right now because the present really is a gift. So moms, if you are feeling lost, feel like a mess, or don't feel appreciated, just know we all feel this way. You aren't alone in this. The world needs us mothers. Keep your head high. Remember you are shaping and molding the world and future generations. If you don't have time to shower today, oh well! If you aren't the best cook, who cares? I need to remember this more often and stop tearing myself down already! I am important. Our job as mothers is to love and to teach. And really, what is more important than that? NOTHING.