Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I love my sibs

 Just thinking about my brothers and sister today and how much I love those butts. Seriously though, they are all four awesome people that I'm blessed to be big sister to. Growing up the oldest of five was fun. Of course we didn't always get along perfectly(I still have claw/bite scars still from Tara...jk:) but we're all growed up now and good friends. I love them so much! Its fun to have a big family-more people to love and to be loved by :) Three of them were here visiting last month(we missed you Mark!!) and there was one afternoon where we were all outside in the backyard with the littles. Crew was having fun running around the yard while my brothers spent quality time with my kiddos. It was bitter cold(to us Texans anyways) but we braved the cold to get out of the house and explore the outdoors. And make some fun little memories. I will never forget watching Austin pull Ammon through the yard in the wagon as Ammon giggled in delight. Or watching Taylor play tetherball with the girls and swing with Zac :) And watching Tara chase her kid around..hahaha. Can you tell that I love that she is a Mom now?? :) In all seriousness though, she is an awesome mom! So loving, crafty, funny and fun. Crew is a lucky boy. And of course Tara and I had to act like goofs for a couple of photos...lucky for you though, not too crazy goofy. Just a smidge. 

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Unknown said...

Aw, love you too, Sissy poo! loved all of those pictures, also. Had me giggling. :-) I love it when all of us (or most of us) are able to get together. Love making memories together.