Saturday, February 28, 2015

If you thought the dress thing was intriguing, check out this show on Netflix

My last post was about the whole "black and blue' or "white and gold dress." It's still trippy to me how everyone saw something different! So, the hubs found a really interesting show on Netflix the other day called, Brain Games. It explains so many different visual/mental/sensory phenomenons and has you also participate in "games" to test you. Its full of illusions and experiments to test you and show you how our brain can literally trick us sometimes. Its fun to watch together and see whose smarter(which of course I always am..jk:) This show is way more interesting than the picture of the black and blue dress, so check it out y'all!!! And yes, I just called it a black and blue dress...because that's what it was ;)

Image result for brain games

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Tara D. said...

Sounds interesting! May just have to check this out. Better than the dress you say?! Hmmmm ;)