Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seriously adorable homemade snow globes

 So, I cannot take any credit for these puppies. At all. But I just had to share on my blog because I'm sure this will inspire other crafty people out there! My sweet and talented amazing friend, Susan, made these little snow globes/place setting holders for our family as a wonderful Christmas gift for our family. My hubs took these pics of them. I was so touched by the time she took to make these and make each one unique for each one of us(and she included Luke too!) How did I become so blessed to meet this person and have her in my life!? I don't know exactly how she made these but I do know the bottoms of these are mason jar lids and then the inside is paper stamped and quite intricately cut. And then of course glittery stuff and leetle reindeer placed inside. She is a stamp/craft/paper/card professional! I just love these so much and will think of her every Christmas as I set these out for our meals. Love you girl!

And speaking of snow, North Texas has snow in the forecast soon! My kids slept with their pjs on inside out last night, put ice in the toilet and a spoon under their pillows. Doing those three things is supposed to call the snow here or something(their piano teacher said;) Hahahaha. We shall see.

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Tara D. said...

I have never heard of those things- the pjs inside out, spoon, and ice bit. Weird, lol. And I LOVE those little snow globes that Susan made for you all. They are seriously awesome!