Saturday, March 07, 2015

Baby Shower Dinner

Two wonderful ladies threw me a Baby Shower Dinner last week. I was SO grateful to have this to look forward to this month! It meant so much to me. Last month I was feeling a little down and this was what I needed to feel loved and cared about. I finally feel like I have some friends here and I'm finally feeling like our new town is "home" to me :) We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant(since that is my FAVORITE food ever!) and the ladies above(minus two that had to leave early) showered me with fun conversation, love and some adorable gifts. Luke has so many cute outfits, lots of diapers, board books, blankets, hes set!! Because of ice/snow storm, this almost had to get postponed or cancelled, but thankfully it happened. Thank you everyone that came. This made a huge difference in my last month of pregnancy-having this on my calendar to look forward to! Love you gals!!!!!


Unknown said...

Glad you're finally feeling settled in over there. Moving can be tough. You've made some pretty good friends already. Thankful that you have some gal pals looking out for you. :)

Drew Watts said...

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