Sunday, March 08, 2015

Girls Night with my girls

Pardon the crappy picture but here is a picture of me, my daughters, my sis, and my Mom. We went out the Saturday night before my induction was scheduled to party it up one last time. Pedicures and Mexican food, two of my favorite things. With five of my favorite people! I had so much fun that night with them. My favorite part was the leg massage and shoveling a chimichanga down my throat. I think the girls favorite part was eating/stealing a buttload of mints from the restaurant(Gloria's) while we waited to be seated. Ya know, the bowl as you walk out where you are supposed to grab one or two. Yeah, well I think they grabbed one or two times fifty. People were staring at them. But I didn't stop them. You only live once ;) And when you are two days away from having a baby, you kinda just don't care anymore what your other kids are doing. You are just tired. Soooo, you let them run wild. lol

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Tara D. said...

LOL, let them eat mints! You're right, you only live once. ;) I had such a great time, too. So glad we were able to party it up before Luke's arrival.