Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Birfday J-dawg

I think I can safely say this might have been one of the worst/uneventful/boring/stressful birthdays of Joey's life ;) Having had a baby just four days before makes it so you don't get to party as hard :) Poor guy was here taking care of everyone all day and didn't get to do his usual golfing and/or have any type of fun! The younger kids were being terds that day too...sigh. My mom was originally going to be here but ended up going back to Corpus for my Great Uncles funeral. She came back Sunday though. Anyways, we did plan an evening of cake and some presents for him and here are pics from that(and Taylor was here too! He was a good sport and wore the dog masks the kids picked out with my Mom a couple of days before:) Thanks Mom for taking care of all the party faves!  It was a paw patrol party..hahaha. The girls made the cake! And Aubrey decorated it quite creatively using one of the masks. Thanks girls for all of your help! They also decorated for me. All I had to do was maybe scoop some icecream? I have such sweet helpful girls.

I've told Joey he can have a redo of his birthday soon.. pick a Saturday to go golfing in a few weeks when things hopefully settle down! I love you so much Joey. Especially right now. You put up with a lot of hormonal crap from me sometimes :) What with all these babies we keep having..;)  You take care of me and the kids so well. I couldn't do this without you! You are amazing. And hot. I'm one lucky lady. Anyways, Happy 38th! 38 never looked so fine. 

A patrol of paws waiting to party

The cake masterpiece ;)

J-Dawg in the house

Embracing his inner dawg

Ready to blow out the candles that are poking a dogs eyes out.

Enjoying the chocolatey goodness..

Let them eat cake!!

And icecream!

Opening his sweet cards and gifts from the kiddos. Ella wrote a very sweet card. And just so you know, Joey wanted to hold the baby during his present opening. He likes to multitask like that. 

Crazy Wes.

Sweet Cali gave him a dollar :) And lots of other things too! She had made his card in December even. A planner indeedy.

I love how Ammon is telling him what his card says :) He was so proud! Hes getting good at writing and drawing. He will sit at the table and draw/color/write for hours(like Miss Aubrey did years ago...)

And here are two little treasures Wesley picked for you...little booger picking photo bomber. Ha! 


jOeY said...

Thanks babe! i had a great bday. Busy, busy month, but so many wonderful things to celebrate.

Unknown said...

I laughed and laughed at this post. Everything from the creepy masks, the dog cake getting mutilated by candles, those sweet kiddos, and the boogers! That was awesome

hoLLy said...

i know right tara? those masks were hilariously creeptastic.