Thursday, March 19, 2015

Luke is HERE!

Introducing this sweet lil angel! And I seriously mean angel. He is such a mild good baby! 

Luke Gerratt
Born March 9, 2015 at 11:05 am
Weighing in so leetle at 6 lbs 9 oz.
20 inches long

Here is the birth story...I was scheduled to be induced that morning. I had been having some contractions pretty much every evening for the whole month but I remember that weekend they were bothering me more and making it hard to walk during them. I was at 1cm at my ob appt that week so I knew my body was getting ready! When we got to the hospital, checked in, iv hooked up, etc, I was checked and was a 2-3 already before the pitocin. Once they started the pitocin(this was about 8am), I got very uncomfortable very fast! I felt like a big wimp not realizing how quickly I was progressing. It was 9:15-9:30 and I thought this is too soon to be asking for an epidural. But I would rather just not experience any pain if possible, I'm smart like that;) Then my water broke on its own(which has never happened) and things started getting even more uncomfortable. I was a 4-5 right before that happened...and when that happened I realized, okay, this is why I'm uncomfortable, this labor is different than the others and going very quickly. This kid wants outta here! So I asked for the epidural(just in time honestly because after that, things went REALLY fast)  I got my epidural and after the epidural they checked me and I was about a 7. Maybe half an hour later I was a 9! Then at 11:05am, after just four pushes, Luke was here! 3 hour labor. Whoa. It still feels like a blur! Grateful he is here and healthy(and that I got the epidural in time!) I had a wonderful nurse who I was grateful for and my doctor was able to make it in time as well(even though he had a good 25 minute drive!) He let me deliver at a different hospital this time-one very close to our home(and also new and very nice!) It was a great delivery/hospital experience. The only bummer was that my mom and kids didn't make it to the hospital in time. I expected the typical induction experience I had with Cali and Wesley..they weren't born until 2 or 3 in the afternoon so I had told my mom to come around noon. I gave her some updates but then everything happened so quickly they missed it by maybe 15 minutes. Not that I have my kids in the room during delivery, but they like to be there in the hospital excitedly waiting. And my mom has been there for the other five kids deliveries. It was all good though. A quick labor was nice ;) 

Luke is already loved so much by so many people. When he arrived, my first feeling was overwhelming love. I always shed a few tears when I meet my children for the first time. Its just such a wow moment in life. My second thought/feeling was, whoa, hes got a lot of hair!! As much as Aubrey did! Thick black hair. He is beautiful(in a manly way;) So adorable and precious. I could stare at him all day(Ella said the same thing one day:) He already has such a sweet and mild disposition. Rarely cries. Sleeps well. He lets all of the kids hold him without a peep. And as you can see in the photos below, they adore him. Wesley is so cute with him(he scares me sometimes...but he is never trying to hurt him..he is just a busy body and not terribly gentle;) He just wants to love on him constantly. 

Below are lots of pics taken the first couple of days, some with my cell phone, others with Joeys camera. You'll see pics with my mom and sis too..I was so grateful they both made the trip up to help with the kids! Them being here was not only helpful, but fun for me too. It meant a lot to me they came. My brother Taylor was also here(somehow he escaped pics the first couple of days, but I'll be posting many more from the first week and he didn't escape others :) and that was really helpful as he is a lot of fun for the kids. One super fun uncle :) I smile looking through these photos as I sit and write this post a couple of weeks later. Joey and I are so blessed! 6 healthy beautiful children. I couldn't ask for more. We love you little Luke. Welcome to the fam!


Tara D. said...

Welcome little Luke!! He is one beautiful baby- I love all of the photos. Such a precious little gift from above. I especially love that last one (I hadn't seen it before). Such a tender moment between Mommy and baby. We love you Luke!!!

Rick said...

Love these pictures.. Luke is a very lucky boy!

Unknown said...

The picture with your OB makes me laugh. I kept waiting for him to cradle Luke a bit more before I took pictures, but he never did. He looks like he's about to just drop him, just gonna slip outta those hands of his. Btw, the photos of Aubrey and Joey with Luke are adorable. Maybe it's because I took them, hahaha

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

OH my goodness these are so beautiful!!!! He is so perfect!!! The one of the kids coming into see him made me cry. A heavenly moment for sure. You are a blessed blessed momma and have created a sweet and beautiful family. The ones with Aubrey and Joey are precious. There is one of Luke peeking with one eye as if to say, "I'll be good but keep your eye on him!" ;) I love it. You look beautiful and radiant and I am just so so happy for you!!! I can't wait to meet him. Hugs and congrats!!!!