Monday, April 27, 2015

Netflix Stream Team: April

This months #StreamTeam theme(hey, I made that up AND it rhymed!)is Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. It got me thinking about the world and all of the untruths out there. The gossip. The tabloids. And the internet. The internet can be a funny media makes it easy to share every bit of your life, the good and the bad. Yet, it seems we post most of the good(I mean, its not fun to share that time when your kid pooped in his diaper and then stuck his hand in it. Oh, and of course smeared it into the carpet. Yum.) So the internet is a place of perceptions and sometimes an alternate universe where your house is always clean, your kids are always smiling and everything you bake turns out amazing. Unfortunately, the world wide web can also be a place where things are distorted and lies are told. There is a hilarious episode of one of my kids favorite shows, Jessie, about this very situation(but sadly, this really does happen!) Its Season 1, Episode 14: The world wide web of lies. An innocent photo posted on the internet gets twisted into something its not and what ensues makes for some pretty good entertainment. Because we don't have cable, Netflix streaming is my kids TV! I love that we can pick and choose shows we find appropriate for them to watch and I don't have to worry about commercials that are violent or have sexual innuendos. Jessie has been one of the fun shows that my older girls watch and my younger ones can be in the room and I don't have to worry. Totally appropriate for them to be around though they aren't completely interested in that quite yet. I highly recommend checking out this show if you have kids 8 and up if you haven't already. Its pretty darn funny...even to me :) And I may or may not know all the words to the intro song. And I may or may not have made up my own dance moves to it too...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rubik's Cube: Solved

Amazing little Ella is someone that works hard and accomplishes goals she sets her mind to. She has a unique mind that likes to figure things out and is very "hands on." Always has been. She has always been our "builder and maker" of things :) And she will just sit for hours with a Sudoku book. This past week she figured out the Rubik's Cube! She memorized the algorithm from online videos and can do it in less than 2 minutes now. Crazy. I give up at things really quickly..I don't have patience! But this girl sure does. We are very proud of her! Not many people can say they know how to solve one of these. I know I can't :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Piano Recital 2015(Cali's first!)

Since our last piano teacher moved back in Spring of last year, the girls have had a piano break. It was nice to have a break but I started getting anxious in the fall when I still hadn't found a teacher. The one teacher I found with openings, we didn't like. She wasn't a good fit we realized after meeting her :( And then the woman who sounded perfect, Diane, had a wait list. Well, this past December Diane contacted me with two openings. I was so happy! We started up with her in January and have just loved her.  She makes lessons fun! They come home with candy and all kinds of stuff. She knows how to motivate :) I also love how easy going she is. Thats what I was looking for-someone like Bethany. Someone fun. I don't want a hard core teacher that sucks the fun out of it. I'm not trying to train concert pianists here ;) I just want them to learn it well and enjoy it. In late March she let me know she had another opening for Cali! Cali was beyond thrilled. She had been wanting to start piano for awhile. She is just loving it! She comes home from piano and immediately practices. And then she practices EVERY DAY. She doesn't miss. I am honestly shocked at how disciplined she is at this. And I'm so proud of her! She is learning quickly and doing so great. It makes her happy to learn new songs which makes me happy too :) I wasn't sure how this would go for her honestly as she gets frustrated and emotional quickly but she is just doing awesome. Below are pictures from their recital in April. Aubrey and Ella played beautifully and looked so grown up and gorgeous too. And Cali did fantastic and looked so grown up sitting at the baby grand piano! She almost didn't do it. When it was her turn, she didn't go up there so I panicked inside(and maybe said a prayer;) She also looked like she was starting to cry! I finally realized that she just wanted her big sisters to go before her(her name was first on the program but she didn't like that, haha). After I saw them talking and sorting it out, I realized what was going on. So once they went, she walked up there, sat down and played away. She hates being in front of an audience but told me as long as she didn't have to talk, she would do it. And she did! We are proud of all of you girls! Piano is such a wonderful talent to have and I know you'll be glad you practiced and learned this when you were young. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Luke: One Month Old

Today my sweet baby Luke is ONE MONTH OLD! Already?! What?! The time has flown by. This lil guy is such a blessing. He is seriously so mild and content almost all of the time. A very happy baby. During the day he will just lay on me and stare up at me. He is starting to smile a lot more. He has discovered his hands. His signature thing to do is to hold one finger up(we think hes saying he is number one:) I've even heard a couple of near-coos this past week smile emoticon So precious. He lets the older kids hold him without fussing. He sleeps good at night. He takes a pacifier(hallelujah!) and is quiet in the car(double hallelujah since I have lots of places to go every afternoon! smile emoticon Two things the other two boys did not do! I'm so grateful for him and am seriously enjoying every minute of him. Happy one month precious boy! We love you dearly! I did a little photo shoot with him  this morning. He is so darn handsome and adorable.

Monday, April 06, 2015

My funny little four year old

Ammon said/did three adorable things today. I have to record them so I don't ever forget :)

The first thing was that he had Aubrey's cheeto filled carrot shaped bag(a fun little goodie from my Mom for Easter) and was chewing on it unopened. Aubrey got mad at him and asked him why he had her cheetos and why he was chewing on the bag(he was sick with a cold virus so now she didn't want them-she wasn't thrilled). His response(said so sincerely), "I was just trying to be a bunny!" How can you stay mad at that?!

At family prayer, we called him into the living room. He walked in with his little electric toothbrush...brushing his eyebrows. He later told me he didn't want his eyebrows to be so long ...interesting :) And no, no toothpaste was involved. Grooming only.

Last but not least was the actual prayer. It was his turn. Earlier in the day I told him that today was Jesus' real birthday.  During his nighttime prayer he added towards the end, "And tell Jesus Happy Birthday!" :)

I love this kid. I think age 4 is one of the cutest ages you can be.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Cali's Baptism Portraits

Our kids are so lucky to have a photographer Daddy to capture special times in their lives so beautifully. Once again Joey did an amazing job photographing baptism pictures. Cali's dress was GORGEOUS! She looked like a little princess with the cap sleeves. She just looked amazingly beautiful. I was so happy Cali loved the same dress online that I had already fallen in love with :) Something unique about her shoot was that half of it was done with her friend, Dakota. Since we were already doing Cali's we thought, heck, might as well do her friends with her too! So they got individuals and also some of them together which we used on the programs. They turned out so so cute. I won't post those as I don't know if her mom wants her face on the internet, but just picture two cute girls smiling in white :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Cali's Baptism Day

Cali's baptism day was beautiful! She looked so lovely in her white dress, so clean and pure. Joey did a great job and didn't drop her ;) Though she did let go of his arm! Phew, close one...hehe. We had my parents, Joeys parents, Taylor, Great Grandma Adams, my Aunt Cindy, my Aunt Sandy's family, and my cousin Lori and her hubby here. Lots of family came which was awesome! Cali actually shared her baptism with her little friend, Dakota, which was perfect. Cali doesn't like to be in front of an audience or the center of attention(well, okay, with her friends she does though:) having someone else getting baptized the same day as her was perfect. She didn't feel as much pressure. She had always said she was nervous to be baptized but on her baptism day she didn't seem nervous at all. She got to do it with a friend! After her baptism and confirmation we had our family over for some Chamorro bbq ribs and other delicious foods(thanks Cyndi and Joe for helping cook!) and enjoyed delicious cupcakes made by my talented dear friend, Jessica. She organized them to look like a white dress-turned out so so cute!! Cali was also very thankful for the sweet gifts brought, lots of jewelry and sweet reminders to choose the right. It was a wonderful day celebrating our sweet little girls decision to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I hope its a day she always remembers and that she never forgets the feelings she had. We are so proud of her and her choice to be baptized and follow her Savior, Jesus Christ. She truly has a heart sensitive to the Spirit and I know she'll listen to the promptings He gives her in her life. She is such a caring sensitive little soul and we love her so much. She is already an example to many of her friends in the choices she makes.  Keep on making those choices Cali, cuz now it all counts! CTR! :) Thanks to everyone that made the trip up and those that helped and/or attended. It was great to share it with so many people!