Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Cali's Baptism Day

Cali's baptism day was beautiful! She looked so lovely in her white dress, so clean and pure. Joey did a great job and didn't drop her ;) Though she did let go of his arm! Phew, close one...hehe. We had my parents, Joeys parents, Taylor, Great Grandma Adams, my Aunt Cindy, my Aunt Sandy's family, and my cousin Lori and her hubby here. Lots of family came which was awesome! Cali actually shared her baptism with her little friend, Dakota, which was perfect. Cali doesn't like to be in front of an audience or the center of attention(well, okay, with her friends she does though:) having someone else getting baptized the same day as her was perfect. She didn't feel as much pressure. She had always said she was nervous to be baptized but on her baptism day she didn't seem nervous at all. She got to do it with a friend! After her baptism and confirmation we had our family over for some Chamorro bbq ribs and other delicious foods(thanks Cyndi and Joe for helping cook!) and enjoyed delicious cupcakes made by my talented dear friend, Jessica. She organized them to look like a white dress-turned out so so cute!! Cali was also very thankful for the sweet gifts brought, lots of jewelry and sweet reminders to choose the right. It was a wonderful day celebrating our sweet little girls decision to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I hope its a day she always remembers and that she never forgets the feelings she had. We are so proud of her and her choice to be baptized and follow her Savior, Jesus Christ. She truly has a heart sensitive to the Spirit and I know she'll listen to the promptings He gives her in her life. She is such a caring sensitive little soul and we love her so much. She is already an example to many of her friends in the choices she makes.  Keep on making those choices Cali, cuz now it all counts! CTR! :) Thanks to everyone that made the trip up and those that helped and/or attended. It was great to share it with so many people! 

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Unknown said...

She looks so grown up here, maybe it's because her hair is up?? Congrats again Cali! Love you and sorry I couldn't be there. B