Saturday, April 04, 2015

Cali's Baptism Portraits

Our kids are so lucky to have a photographer Daddy to capture special times in their lives so beautifully. Once again Joey did an amazing job photographing baptism pictures. Cali's dress was GORGEOUS! She looked like a little princess with the cap sleeves. She just looked amazingly beautiful. I was so happy Cali loved the same dress online that I had already fallen in love with :) Something unique about her shoot was that half of it was done with her friend, Dakota. Since we were already doing Cali's we thought, heck, might as well do her friends with her too! So they got individuals and also some of them together which we used on the programs. They turned out so so cute. I won't post those as I don't know if her mom wants her face on the internet, but just picture two cute girls smiling in white :)

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Unknown said...

All of these pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I always look forward to seeing Joey's newest photographs of the kids. Very proud of you Cali in your decision to be baptized. What a very special time!