Thursday, April 09, 2015

Luke: One Month Old

Today my sweet baby Luke is ONE MONTH OLD! Already?! What?! The time has flown by. This lil guy is such a blessing. He is seriously so mild and content almost all of the time. A very happy baby. During the day he will just lay on me and stare up at me. He is starting to smile a lot more. He has discovered his hands. His signature thing to do is to hold one finger up(we think hes saying he is number one:) I've even heard a couple of near-coos this past week smile emoticon So precious. He lets the older kids hold him without fussing. He sleeps good at night. He takes a pacifier(hallelujah!) and is quiet in the car(double hallelujah since I have lots of places to go every afternoon! smile emoticon Two things the other two boys did not do! I'm so grateful for him and am seriously enjoying every minute of him. Happy one month precious boy! We love you dearly! I did a little photo shoot with him  this morning. He is so darn handsome and adorable.

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Unknown said...

Such a perfect lil angel! Looking back on all your photos ain't helping my baby fever. Hahaha