Thursday, April 16, 2015

Piano Recital 2015(Cali's first!)

Since our last piano teacher moved back in Spring of last year, the girls have had a piano break. It was nice to have a break but I started getting anxious in the fall when I still hadn't found a teacher. The one teacher I found with openings, we didn't like. She wasn't a good fit we realized after meeting her :( And then the woman who sounded perfect, Diane, had a wait list. Well, this past December Diane contacted me with two openings. I was so happy! We started up with her in January and have just loved her.  She makes lessons fun! They come home with candy and all kinds of stuff. She knows how to motivate :) I also love how easy going she is. Thats what I was looking for-someone like Bethany. Someone fun. I don't want a hard core teacher that sucks the fun out of it. I'm not trying to train concert pianists here ;) I just want them to learn it well and enjoy it. In late March she let me know she had another opening for Cali! Cali was beyond thrilled. She had been wanting to start piano for awhile. She is just loving it! She comes home from piano and immediately practices. And then she practices EVERY DAY. She doesn't miss. I am honestly shocked at how disciplined she is at this. And I'm so proud of her! She is learning quickly and doing so great. It makes her happy to learn new songs which makes me happy too :) I wasn't sure how this would go for her honestly as she gets frustrated and emotional quickly but she is just doing awesome. Below are pictures from their recital in April. Aubrey and Ella played beautifully and looked so grown up and gorgeous too. And Cali did fantastic and looked so grown up sitting at the baby grand piano! She almost didn't do it. When it was her turn, she didn't go up there so I panicked inside(and maybe said a prayer;) She also looked like she was starting to cry! I finally realized that she just wanted her big sisters to go before her(her name was first on the program but she didn't like that, haha). After I saw them talking and sorting it out, I realized what was going on. So once they went, she walked up there, sat down and played away. She hates being in front of an audience but told me as long as she didn't have to talk, she would do it. And she did! We are proud of all of you girls! Piano is such a wonderful talent to have and I know you'll be glad you practiced and learned this when you were young. 

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I tried to post a long time ago on this but had problems, lol. Wanted to say how beautiful you all are and how I'm sure you all did wonderfully. Way to go!