Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Netflix #StreamTeam June: Reboot Your Throwback

When I think about growing up I can vividly remember LOTS of awesome cartoons: My Little Pony, Jem, Sheera Princess of Power, Care Bears, The Wuzzles, Gummi Bears, Rainbow Brite..the list could go ON! And just like the fashion of the 80s, the shows of the 80s are making a come back too. I love watching the old shows I used to love as a kid with my kids and I love watching the remakes of them too(though I prefer the sweet old school versions myself:) One show that myself and my hubby could never forget is Inspector Gadget. Netflix now has a new original version of this show streaming! I introduced this show to Ammon, Wesley & Cali this summer and its been a hit with them. I remember one of my favorite things about the show was the theme song :) They've kept the tune and given it a new pizzazz which my kids love. Its quite catchy y'all. Anyways, if you haven't checked this show out with your littles, you definitely should give it a whirl. Just hearing the theme song gets me nostalgic...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our wild child

See this kid here? He's a maniac. These pictures don't even come close. But they give you a taste of how "all over the place" he is ;) This is how he sits during the first 10 seconds of family scripture reading and family prayer. And then a few seconds later he is flipping off the couch. And then a few seconds later he is running in circles. And so it goes. Don't get me wrong, I love this little crazy one, but wowsas he has become quite the busy child this year! He likes to climb things. He then falls off said things. He typically has a bruise on his forehead or two or three. Not long ago he hit his head so hard on the corner of a wall that he had a serious goose egg. Like on the looney toon cartoons! In my almost 14 years of parenting I had never seen a childs head stick out like that after a bump. It looked so bad! He runs around or rides his little indoor bike all around at lightning speeds. No walking allowed. He doesn't care if you are in the way either. He makes a way. At the expense of toes and shins...lol. He is also very loud. He isn't quite talking yet(we will be getting some speech therapy soon it looks like)..but he communicates what he wants with lots of noise. And he lets you know when he didn't get his way with lots of noise too :) They say no two kids are alike. Well in this house, that is definitely true. Each child has their own little personality for sure. We've never had anything close to a Wesley! Haha. While I joke that he is a maniac, he is also so fun and so funny. He makes us laugh alllll the time. And he is also so loving and a little mama's boy for sure. If I pretend to cry, he'll do anything I ask, I think he must love me or something :)And he is also just plain adorable. I mean look at those dimples and that smile! Ahhh, he kill me with his handsomeness. We love you our little terrible two year old Wesley boy! ;) Here's to hoping when you turn three, you might slow down a little bit for mommy please? She is tired.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ella: the girl on fire

Ella participated in another recreational ice skating competition recently and did amazing! She chose Ellie Goulding's song, Burn, and it was so fun to watch her out there on the ice! I always get teary eyed watching my kids do something like that. I just can't keep it in :) So, I had the idea to make a hair tie with the colors of fire in it since the title of the song was, Burn, get it? Haha. We tried to find her a red dress but couldn't find one in her size so we went with black sparkle. It bugged me that there was nothing "fiery" about it so we jazzed her hair up with some fire :) And we did red lipstick too. She was all fired up y'all! ;)  I thought she looked awesome(and seriously gorgeous)! We are so proud of her. And she placed first I have to add...

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Three months

Luke is a 3 month old! He is just the easiest little guy! He has started sleeping though the night maybe 50% of the time. Woot woot! Awesome. He loves to suck his fingers which has been a blessing. He hasn't picked a favorite finger yet, just whatever he can cram in there ;) He also sucks his arm or mine sometimes(and leaves a mark! Quite the vacuum..) You can find him many days on his tummy on his "pond" or blanket or in his little rainforest chair batting at the bird and monkey. The new things he is doing are: grasping toys! And wiggling around! I will put him down on the pond mat and find him on the other side of it in minutes. He is right on track with everything he should be doing. And he is just wonderful. We love you Lukey! Happy 3 months!

He wasn't his usual cheerful self on this sesh ;) haha. He was quite serious. And almost looks scared or worried in one of these photos! He's such a doll.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Mother's Day wake up call

I love Mother's Day. Its a day when I can sleep in and relax. Oh wait, no, mother nature had other plans for me this year ;) I woke up early on Mother's Day to tornado sirens..so we piled into our closet and camped out for awhile. It was awesome. When we finally felt like it was okay to come out,   I then needed to nurse the baby, and then it was already time to head out to church. No sleep in for me! waaahhhh. I do think I got a nap later though? ;) I don't even remember since I'm typing this after the fact. Anyways, all I know is I didn't get to sleep in. Man. But, I did get an amazing breakfast. And wonderful homemade cards and candy from the kids and beautiful tulips from my man. I am a blessed woman indeed. I'm thankful to be a woman and to have the blessing of being a mother to these precious beautiful children. Its the best job in the world. Its the hardest job in the world too! But the rewards are indescribable. I mean, look at these kids. Aren't they beautiful?!

Joey wanted to take pictures of me so of course I had to act all corny.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Mud puddles and little boys. Oh, and little girls too of course...

These photos need no captions...

Lets just say they had fun. Thanks Joey for capturing this exciting messy laughter-filled day forever.