Thursday, June 04, 2015

Mother's Day wake up call

I love Mother's Day. Its a day when I can sleep in and relax. Oh wait, no, mother nature had other plans for me this year ;) I woke up early on Mother's Day to tornado we piled into our closet and camped out for awhile. It was awesome. When we finally felt like it was okay to come out,   I then needed to nurse the baby, and then it was already time to head out to church. No sleep in for me! waaahhhh. I do think I got a nap later though? ;) I don't even remember since I'm typing this after the fact. Anyways, all I know is I didn't get to sleep in. Man. But, I did get an amazing breakfast. And wonderful homemade cards and candy from the kids and beautiful tulips from my man. I am a blessed woman indeed. I'm thankful to be a woman and to have the blessing of being a mother to these precious beautiful children. Its the best job in the world. Its the hardest job in the world too! But the rewards are indescribable. I mean, look at these kids. Aren't they beautiful?!

Joey wanted to take pictures of me so of course I had to act all corny.

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