Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Three months

Luke is a 3 month old! He is just the easiest little guy! He has started sleeping though the night maybe 50% of the time. Woot woot! Awesome. He loves to suck his fingers which has been a blessing. He hasn't picked a favorite finger yet, just whatever he can cram in there ;) He also sucks his arm or mine sometimes(and leaves a mark! Quite the vacuum..) You can find him many days on his tummy on his "pond" or blanket or in his little rainforest chair batting at the bird and monkey. The new things he is doing are: grasping toys! And wiggling around! I will put him down on the pond mat and find him on the other side of it in minutes. He is right on track with everything he should be doing. And he is just wonderful. We love you Lukey! Happy 3 months!

He wasn't his usual cheerful self on this sesh ;) haha. He was quite serious. And almost looks scared or worried in one of these photos! He's such a doll.

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