Thursday, July 30, 2015

15 years and still as crazy in love as ever

July 6th was our 15 year anniversary! We celebrated by pigging out at a nearby Brazilian Steakhouse while my Mama babysat with Aubrey. 15 is kinda one of those big numbers! I can't believe its been this many years! I remember riding in the passenger seat of Joey's 64 caddy..that nervous excitement of when we first started falling in love..the way my heart would jump out of my chest every time I saw him..going on our first "not a date" which was sitting on the dock of CC bay eating Whataburger Chicken Strips meals with lemonade...checking my email fifty times a day to see if he had sent me an email(we were big emailers:)...him surprising me at the mall where I worked to take me out to dinner or for a walk..going on two big trips while we were dating(Cali and NY which is where he proposed to me) and just being crazy about him. I couldn't see him enough! I was eating, sleeping, breathing Joey. Hahaha. Isn't it funny how that is? I do think it would be fun to travel back in time and fall in love all over again because that was seriously the most fun I've ever had-falling in love with him :) And now 16 years after meeting him, I am still head over heels in love with the man. The love is different. Its not that obsessive young love that it once was, its a deep meaningful eternal love.  Its a friendship that I treasure. Its having someone that "gets" me(okay, maybe not my bizarre humor sometimes though haha, only Tara and Laura get that..). He has been by my side as I've labored in childbirth with SIX KIDS! He has been by my side in hospitals when we've suffered losses. He has been there to be a shoulder to cry on when I'm down. He knows when to feed me Mexican food :) He rubs my back way too much. I am spoiled by him continually. We eat ice cream together almost every night. We laugh together at funny shows(we love the same ones!) Right now our evenings are The Goldbergs..The Last Man on Earth..Fresh off the Boat :) We have had tough times in our marriage but we've gotten through any hard time, together. When I've felt like no one else is there for me, everyone has let me down in life, Joey is always there. Always. He loves me no matter what, he treats me with respect and love, he is a wonderful father, he has a HUGE heart, he is humble and forgiving. I've said it before but I married the best person I know. And it feel so good to be able to say that this many years later. This many kids later! (These kids can make us a wee bit crazy at times but we wouldn't have it any other way:) I love him so so so so much. Imagining life without him honestly totally freaks me out! I couldn't have picked a better person to travel through this life(and eternity!) with. Happy 15 years Joey! I'm grateful for your love and companionship each day. You are everything to me.

Mushy post: over ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

4th of July party at our house

We had lot of family over to celebrate 4th of July this year-it was so fun! Thats something I love about our home, lot of wide open spaces for people to enjoy. Joey barbecued while we did the sides and dessert with my mom who was visiting. We made quite the beautiful patriotic trifle. It was tasty too :) My Mom is good at making things pretty and being festive with every holiday. My brother Austin, Grandma, aunts, uncle, cousins and some extended family that I had never met before were also here. Everyone really had a great time. There was lots of good eatin' and volleyball playing by the older kids/teens. The boys had a blast with my cousins(Brandon & Sharlene's) son, Ethan. They cruised the yard in the power wheels all evening long :) Wesley and Ethan's little cheeks were bright pink from the heat and running around so much! We also were able to meet Brandon & Sharlene's newest addition, beautiful miss Cassidy Rose. Her chubby cheeks are the cutest! And she has the most gorgeous eyes and complexion. What a blessing. I'm grateful that I've been able to get to know Sharlene over the past few months their cute little family has lived here. She is awesome-super sweet and seriously funny. In the evening, we headed over to my Aunt Sandy's house to watch the fireworks from her backyard. Great view of them! I'm grateful that this day we also got a cute family picture. Little did I know that this would be our last family picture that would capture a moment of time that would end soon...our time in Texas was almost over...and we didn't even know it yet...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One perfect summer day

It was mildly warm one summer day in Texas. The grass was bright green and the sky was blue. It was the perfect day to slip and slide. I remember laughing and laughing this day in July. The boys were hilarious. They kept on running on the slide and sliding into the bumper at the end of it instead of running and sliding as you reach the slippery surface. Or better yet, not even making it to the end without eating you will see in the sequence of Wesley pics below :)Joey took lots of photos as you can see and they turned out awesome. Aubrey took lots of video and even made a funny video compilation of it all on iMovie. We also enjoyed Sonic slushes that day during Happy Hour. It really was a wonderful Saturday...

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Luke is 4 months!

Happy 4 months Luke!!! The best thing happened this past month-Luke laughed! Isn't that the best?!  Nothing sweeter than a baby giggle. Another new thing is that he is actually grasping toys and then of course bringing them up to his mouth to give them a good taste and a suck :)  He sucks on everything! And as you can see, he loves his fingers too :) I love it..he is starting to become entertained by things which keeps him happy happy. Of course, he is generally happy no matter what though..we are so blessed. He also started babbling "mamama" the other day...however, its only when he is sad :( But heck, I'll take what I can get. He said Mama before Dada. I win!!!! Finally ;) I can't believe Luke is 4 months old now. He isn't so "newborn" anymore..they just grow too darn fast.