Sunday, August 16, 2015

Luke's Blessing Day

Luckily we had already planned Luke's blessing for July 26 which was just a week and a half before we were moving. It was doable! Barely! Ha. We loaded up the car and headed to Corpus to see our family and have him blessed. It was a beautiful Sunday. Luke was a little fussy though..he was tired that day and being surrounded by lots of unfamiliar faces didn't help. He is usually happy practically all the time so that was a bummer! So he didn't cooperate for pictures afterwards(he was SO done and so tired!)...But the blessing was perfect. Joey always does a great job! We had a delicious lasagna dinner made by my mom and an adorable cake made by my sister that we enjoyed with our extended family at my parents home. Crazy cute whale cake. It was so perfect. I appreciated everyone who came to his blessing and my mom for hosting the get together. And of course, the cake maker/decorator. It was such a great evening. It was nice to all be together to celebrate Luke's birth and blessing. Our family just keeps growing! I look at the family picture of the 8 of us and I think, whoa, thats a whole lotta kids right there.. ;) 

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