Saturday, August 29, 2015

1st Day of School 2016

I'm not sure who was more anxious about the kids first day of school this year-me or them! Sending them to school in a new place is scary. Oh man did I stress. I'm thankful that we went under contract with a home(more on that in another post!) quick so we knew which schools to enroll them in. I did not want them to have to change schools mid-year. We got everything done just in time! We didn't have much time between arriving and school starting to figure it all out but we did. I got them all registered at the right places, found all of their supplies, and bought them all new clothes before the big day. Cali is young enough to where it didn't seem like a huge deal to her. We went to Meet the Teacher night and that really calmed any nerves she might have had. Her teacher is SO nice and was extremely welcoming to her. Cali seemed excited for the first day so that was great! She can make friends with kids in one second :) Aubrey had met a girl at church, Rachel, that went to her school and was the same grade as her so she knew she would have that familiar face(and that they could sit together at lunch too). That gave her confidence and by the time the first day of school came, she didn't seem too nervous at all. She also knew a couple of other 9th graders from church that would also be in the same building(they have 8-9 together here, kinda weird!)So, she knew a few girls that were all very friendly to her and that made her feel good about it. Ella was the one I stressed out about the week before. She hadn't met anyone yet that was in her grade at the same school.  I worried mostly about lunch..I kept imagining her not having anyone to sit by or talk to. And she isn't the most outgoing kid, though she is nice and friendly. She just isn't the type to just go up to someone and start talking to them. She was really feeling anxious and worried.

So I prayed..and prayed..and prayed  for her. I remember the Saturday before praying for a miracle, praying for someone to be at church the next day that she hadn't met yet or for somehow everything to be okay. Well at church I walked over to a girl(she looked Ella's age but wasn't in her church class...which I knew didn't necessarily mean she wasn't in her grade because of the way the church sets up the classes) and asked her what grade she was going into and stuff like that since Ella wouldn't :) The primary 1st counselor had told me that this young lady (Emily) might be in her grade. Turns out, she was. She and Ella talked for about ten seconds which wasn't what I had hoped for but at least, I told Ella, there was a face that she would know at school. She felt a little bit better but not much. I had also been told about another girl, Alyssa, that might be in her grade but that their family was out of town. Anyways, that afternoon I was still feeling worried for Ella as she still seemed worried. Then, I received a phone call from an unknown number and when I answered there was a sweet woman's voice on the other end that said something like, "Hi, I'm Teresa and I'm in your ward at church! Our family has been on vacation and we just got back and found out that you have a daughter our daughters age and that they'll go to the same school together. We would love to come over and meet you this afternoon if thats ok. We have a treat to bring your daughter too." I almost cried. I was so excited! Within half an hour we were talking to this family in our parking lot(as they are a big family with seven kids that wouldn't even fit in our apartment with us:) Their daughter was so sweet(their whole family was!) and I couldn't believe the inspiration that Teresa had to come over and do this. I know she must've been SO busy. 7 kids and they had literally just gotten home from a vacation just one day before school started. But I know she must have followed a prompting from the Spirit to do this. She answered my prayers that day(and I'm sure the prayers of Ella as well). That night all three of my girls were excited to start their new schools. I know Heavenly Father listens to the prayers of a mother pleading for her child. This was a testimony building experience for me on the power of prayer. It was also a teaching moment for me and my children on how He answers our prayers and how sometimes He answers them through others. We always have to be living in a way to where the Spirit can guide us not just for ourselves but to help others too. All 3 of them did have a wonderful first day and I was so grateful for it! I also have to say that the night before Joey gave them all father's blessings(even the boys..even Luke..and even me as I was needing a blessing myself:) I'm so so grateful to have a husband that has the priesthood and honors it.

Joey took these photos at our apartment complex that morning...they have some really beautiful weeping willows that made a unique background for their photo shoot. I think these might be my favorite back to school photos ever! We have three beautiful girls, inside and out.

Aubrey, 8th grade

Ella, 6th grade

 Cali, 3rd grade

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jOeY said...

So many prayers answered during this move. My faith has been strengthened a ton.

We have the most beautiful little girls. Well I guess they are not so little anymore. 😢