Saturday, August 15, 2015

And how could I forget the boys?

The day after the girls party, Ammon said, "When are we going to have a boys party?" Whoops. Didn't really think about that ;) After all, the boys had their friends too! So, I quickly texted a few friends to come over for a little get-together the next morning. I couldn't say no. Snacks and water fun in the backyard was a hit! So, the boys got to say goodbye to their little buddies too...I didn't let my boys down(though that would've been easier;)

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Unknown said...

That is actually cool to have a boy’s party. I can see from pictures that water fun was a hit for the party. I just loved the last picture of both cute babies. Well, I have invited all friends of my son for his birthday party, and we have booked nice event venues Chicago for the day. It will be fun for all kids.