Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy 5 months Luke!

Oh my this has been the craziest month! But thankfully baby #6 has been the easiest baby(well, besides Ella..I think they tie in the mild mannered baby department). We couldn't have survived this move to Iowa without such an easy happy boy! Thank you Luke! He is such a blessing. So, yep, he hit 5 months the other day. He is a scooter..and a roller(as you can see in the photos:). He pretty much can get wherever whenever now. We also put him in the jumperoo for the first time and he bounces like crazy. He loves it! He went on his first airplane ride for our house hunting trip and was an angel. We drove around so much that weekend and he was just SO good for us. His temperament is just wonderful. I have been so grateful for this little boy, especially lately when things have become so stressful. During a stressful moment, I remember feeling so stressed out and was about to lose it when I had the thought to just pick up my baby and lay in bed with him for a few minutes. Just laying with him and cuddling and playing with him brought me so much joy and comfort that all of the stress melted away. He was seriously there for me :) Heavenly Father sent him to me at just the right time. I love you so much Luke!

This picture makes me laugh. Not impressed with me. I always make the craziest faces and act a little nuts to get him to smile. Not too sure in this photo...

 There we go... :)

He kept on rolling over! And I was just trying to make sure he didn't fall off this bed ;)


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jOeY said...

He really is such a blessing to our family. He brings so much joy to all of us. Thanks for doing all of these awesome photo shoots! You gettin good :)