Thursday, August 27, 2015

Made it here! And Happy 3rd Birthday Wesley!!!

So, we made it to Iowa :) It was a LONG trip. And when we arrived at midnight, it was pouring rain. And the garage we had been promised wasn't available. So, poor poor Joey offloaded a ton of it in the cold rain so that our valuables wouldn't just be sitting out in a parking lot. And then he did more in the morning with no help. Oh, and did I mention we were on the second floor?  He was exhausted! I don't know how he did it, though I'm not surprised as he has crazy strength. Like HULK strength :) He didn't even have a place to park the cars/trailer that night as all the spots were full. It was a mess. I didn't help a ton with that because, well, I had all the kids and was getting them all in bed and the baby nursed/in bed. So, our arrival wasn't picture perfect. I do remember once we laid in bed thinking, whoa, did we just do all that?! And falling asleep in seconds. We were just exhausted. yet, made it to church in the morning as it was a HUGE priority to me for the girls especially to go and meet some people before school started. School was starting just a couple of weeks later!

So, just a few days after our big move, we were able to celebrate our little Wesley's 3rd birthday. He told me he wanted a trains cake(well, he pointed to that one in the cake book;) so I ordered one from Hyvee(a really awesome grocery store here in Iowa that I'm diggin). We spent a really fun evening out at Chuck E Cheese. The younger kids(heck, all of us) had a blast. It had been a long time since we had gone to one so it was exciting to the little boys especially. Wesley was running around and having a grand ole time :) Chuck E Cheese was where I had LOTS of birthdays as a kid. I have so many memories of running from that big scary mouse(ok, mostly having fun;). But my kids aren't quite as scared as I was thankfully. We've had our share of kids scared of him, but the boys got over it quick. Wesley even gave him a high five! And if you know our family/kids, thats a miracle :) They've changed the "look" of Chuck E to where he isn't as big and intimidating. I approve. When we got home, we sang him Happy Birthday, ate a yummy cake(not made by me hallelujah, I couldn't handle that that week:) and watched him very excitedly open his and candy from the girls, a robot and train from us and lot of other fun things from extended family. He had a great night. Its so fun to create these memories and fun for your kids.

Wesley, you are a busy brave energetic kiddo! You are determined to do the things you want(and while that is hard right now..I know it will serve you well someday;) You love to jump off things which I'm sure our downstairs neighbor LOVES, haha. You love to climb. You love "treats" and will do anything for gummies or to play with anything with wheels. Or to play on a tablet or phone(you are constantly stealing ours) If we can't find you and you are quiet, you are either 1. Eating candy in a corner or 2. Playing on someones phone in a corner or closet. Sneaky kid. You don't talk much, but we are going to work on that and find you some help soon! You are cuddly and loving. You are becoming a wonderful big brother to Luke. I'm seeing some new qualities come out in you which warm my heart. You pat him softly and put your little arm around him sometimes. You try to show him things. You love your siblings and parents. I know if you have done something wrong and I look sad, you will come and hug me because your little heart is so tender. You are also unusually handsome, which makes it hard when I'm mad and you give me that sweet smile. Your smile and dimples kill me! We love you, Wesley! Happy 3rd birthday little buddy.

We always have the kids stay in a room while we decorate..and then they come out for the big reveal. His little excited shy happy face makes me smile :)

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jOeY said...

That was such a crazy night moving in. I'll never forget that.

Wesley boy you are such a stud. We love you so much ! You definitely keep us on our toes 😉