Friday, August 21, 2015

Our first time in Iowa(and Luke's first airplane ride)

So I look a smidge crazy in this photo but oh well. I am crazy so whats the surprise there? Hehe. This is a picture of Joey, me and little Lukey when we landed in Des Moines for our little house hunting trip before the big move just a week later. It was past midnight so we were really tired. But excited! And Luke did so so awesome on the whole trip! It was a fun trip. We looked at several houses, but didn't find "the one." That was disappointing. But traveling and seeing it all in person helped us to realize we were looking in the wrong suburb. We decided we wanted to be closer to Joey's work during this trip. I will also add that having only one kid in tow versus six sure was nice! (though we love you older kids and missed you ;) It was kinda like a vacation and we had lots of fun! We also got to meet up with Brian and his wife, Jeanie, for dinner one night. They are a wonderful couple! This trip helped me feel even better about the move. Iowa really is beautiful. The corn fields, grass and trees are so green! And it felt like a slower pace of life, which I loved.

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