Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ammon the preschooler

After I got all of the girls registered at their schools, I searched and searched for a preschool for Ammon..and was having no luck. I started to feel so so sad and worried. This boy had been counting down the months until he turned 5..because he knew that meant he could finally go to preschool(he will be an older kindergartner since he has a September birthday). Anyways, one of the preschools I contacted that was full gave me a couple of recommendations. I found that they each had an opening so we visited each and one school totally kicked the others butt :) I felt so good about the place and the people we met there. I was SO excited(and Ammon was too). And we hadn't missed the first day of school, it was just the following week! He decided to wear his Star Wars shirt that day, I spiked up his hair with gel and he looked mighty handsome. It was so fun to see him so excited and pumped. He was beyond ready. Joey met us at the school so he could be there to say goodbye and watch him walk in for the first time. Such a bittersweet moment! Ammon has always been an easy going kid with not many worries-he walked right in eager to learn and play with new friends(but mostly to learn..he said when he got home with a very concerned face, "Mom, I didn't learn anything!" LOL It was funny. He said they just played and had fun. I told him well, the first day of school is usually just fun and meeting people. And honestly, preschool should be all fun! :) He thought they'd be mastering reading and writing on day 1 or something. Funny boy. Smart boy...he actually can already read and write a lot! He did have a great first day. I love his teachers and the director there. They truly love the kiddos. I miss my Ammon in the mornings now, but love that he's learning and growing. Below are pictures from his Meet the Teacher and his first day of school...

Okay, he did look back. Couldn't walk away without giving me a sweet little smile...oh, my heart.

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jOeY said...

Funny boy. It's been cute to see how much he just loves preschool. I love my car rides home with him sometimes.