Friday, September 18, 2015

Aubrey's 14th!!!

14 is a big number in the life of an LDS teen. Dance age. We have a daughter old enough to attend dances now. What the hecky?! This is all going by too fast. Make it stop! So we kinda spoiled this girl rotten this year. Not only did we party hard Sesame Street style(reliving her 1st birthday..we even reused the candle from 13 years ago!)..but we gave her an iPhone. If you know this kid, she deserved it. It wasn't the latest greatest, but its a really nice phone. Same as mine actually. She was very surprised and very grateful. She has taken good care of her old phone the past two years. She has shown responsibility. She has shown will power and isn't obsessed with it. She has done great and passed all tests :) I was so excited to see her open it! Our other gift was tickets to see Rachel Platten perform..but unfortunately that ended up getting cancelled :( BOO! But we will figure out something else similar soon... we had a really fun night as a family just being silly and playing pin the nose on Elmo. Aubrey enjoyed her DQ ice-cream cake(good choice Aub..and once again, they are going easy on me and I didn't have to make it ;) Her siblings all got her sweet gifts too. Oh, and how can I forget the guitar amp and pickup my parents sent her?  She was very excited about that!! Good job, Dad :) 

We love you so much, Aubrey! I have been so impressed with you, especially lately. The move had to be the hardest on you, as you are the oldest. But you put your trust in us and in the Lord. Your attitude went from a lil negative/worried to embracing the whole situation and even becoming excited about it. Your positive attitude actually helped me to stay positive too. You are so spiritually in read your scriptures and pray write in your journal daily...I know you live your life righteously and have the Spirit with you. That brings me so much comfort as your mother! Thanks for the example you are to all of us. You are the perfect big sis and leader. You are seriously gorgeous and talented in SO MANY ways. We've just recently realized how extremely musically talented you are. Piano, guitar, dancing and singing! You can do it all. I love your personality and how fun you are. You are HILARIOUS. Maybe I say that because our humor is quite similar. And I think I'm hilarious too hahaha. I've always felt like you were one of my besties :) I'm grateful for who you are and the love you share with all of us. I don't know what I'd do without you..imagining you going off on a mission and to school really makes me sad! We only have 5 years left with you..sniff sniff. Thats going to fly by, I know it :( Okay, I'll stop getting all mushy weepy now. We all love you so much and hope your 14th birthday was all you hoped it would be!!

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jOeY said...

Wait, what? Who's 14!? I am still in denial. Aubrey, you're so beautiful and talented. We love you and hope that your birthday was awesome!