Friday, September 11, 2015

Half a year already?!

Luke is now 6 months old! Yikes! That seems kinda crazy to me. Things have been so busy that time is flying. So, whats new with Luke? BIG full belly giggles now. They are the BEST. He is very ticklish we have found. He can't stop laughing when we poke his chest or squish his inner thigh :) He also tried his first solid food that night! He downed the rice cereal like a pro. He also started rocking on his hands and knees the end of last month and then just a week later started doing half crawl/scoots. We are in trouble now... we have spent lots of time at parks lately(Iowa summer weather is uh-mazing) so I thought I would give a park swing a whirl. He loved it. So much that he decided to give the swing a taste test. GROSS! LOL. I very quickly removed him from the swing and then contemplated how to best disinfect his mouth ;) It was funny.  And traumatizing for He had his first sickness this month. Boooo. Fever and congestion/runny nose. It was so sad! Luckily it didn't last long and he was a trooper. Thank you big brothers for sharing the "love" ;) Or maybe it was that nasty swing...we'll never know...happy half a year Luke!

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jOeY said...

Where does the time go !? We love you Lukey ! You're sweet spirit calms me and your mama when times are hard.