Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I'm 35 which means I'm approaching 40 now..hooray...

I didn't care about turning 30. But 35 was different. It meant that I was on the downhill(in my 30s) to 40! 40 just sounds so awful! And I just don't even feel that I act, think or look like a 40 year old. And I hope I never do :) Hehehe. My birthday was just another miserable day in this apartment that I loathe. Haha. Joey didn't have any vacation days yet. So I just was up and down stairs with the little guys to get kids to and from places which has been really hard. And I've been having to go downstairs to take Zac potty too. And not having a dryer that dries clothes is awful when you have the amount of clothes I have to wash(the dryer literally took 2 hours to dry a small load..) And then stuck in the apartment going crazy as the boys had no room to play and no backyard. Every day was a battle to keep Wesley from jumping off of stuff. I have been getting very angry, very often :/ And then I asked Ella to make my birthday cake..she didn't really want to..and then when she did she forgot an ingredient and it turned out well, not very cake like, lol. So we didn't have a cake. So, the day kinda felt like a mess! But then Joey talked me into going out to dinner, even though I was in such a bad mood. Gosh, I was a big baby. I was talking like I didn't even want to do anything. I'm glad we went though because dinner was great. We enjoyed the meal and were even brought sopapillas and ice-cream(not just for me, but for everyone) for free for my birthday(along with a birthday song sang to me there:) They really went all out for us! Then we came home and the fam sang to me with a piece of cake and a candle and I was able to open lots of sweet heartfelt gifts. The day ended up ending nicely and I went to bed feeling loved. Thanks Joey for making sure I ended up having a great evening when I just wanted to go to bed and forget I even had a birthday :) I love all of you so much! I wouldn't have wanted to ring in 35 with anyone else.

Yeah, I'm so cool.

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jOeY said...

Sorry that your birthday was kind of a train wreck. We'll make up for it this year. BTW, you look smoking hot still ... Ow! 😘