Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Taking a breather

The day after we arrived in Iowa, we felt we needed to get out and let the kids run around. We drove around and found this fun little park nearby..it even had a "covered bridge" to walk through. I remember thinking while we were there, wow, we are here! We made it. The kids ran all over the place after a long day in the car. We breathed in summer air that was much cooler than the air in the Texas summer. I also remember thinking, I like this. I'm not sweating! I could get used to summers like this.


Justin L. Brown said...

To instruct you to take a full breath and unwind is so regular a mantra that the greater part of us miss its actual message. Pause for a minute and relax. It's a straightforward however frequently neglected act in our lives. Take a breather

jOeY said...

I agree with William 😄 the summers here are awesome !