Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Center Grove

We just had the BEST time! The kids had no school one Monday, the weather was amazing, and I had the urge to explore somewhere new. We hadn't been able to hit a pumpkin patch on any Saturday thanks to activities and mostly unpacking still. We were approaching the end of that season and so this was the only day left we could do it. And unfortunately Joey had a very crazy busy day at work and couldn't join us. I really hated doing it without him :( We always do everything like this all together. He told us to go anyways because he wanted the kids to have fun on their day off and he knew I needed to get out of the house and make some memories with them(since having Luke, he had been taking them places more..I had been stuck at home a lot). I heard about this place called Center Grove Orchard-an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. And SO much more. I could not believe how many awesome things there were to do here. It kicked Flower Mound's hiney. And we loved Flower Mound! I am so glad we made this trip and did this! I was unsure if I could handle them all..and this place was a good 45 minute-hour drive too. But we did it! The older girls helped me a lot and we all had fun. There was something for everyone. Favorites were the HUGE slide, the big "corn pool" and these big bouncy thingies. There was also a petting zoo, tractor ride, a corn maze, little tractors for the kids to drive, and many more things I can't even name.  It couldn't have been a better day. We also enjoyed apple cider slushies there that were delightful. We had never had that before. And as we were leaving, the kids even talked me into buying apple cider and donuts to have for breakfast the next day. I must've been in a good mood ;) I can't wait to go again next year and share the fun with Joey!! We missed you babe but thanks for being okay with us going without you. I did need those memories with the kids and me. I had been missing having "fun" in the middle of all the craziness of new baby and moving. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Go Warriors!

With a new school, comes a new mascot/team/colors! We are now wearers of the colors purple and yellow...not my favorite but Ella is happy as purple has always been her favorite. :) So Aubrey made it on the volleyball team at her new school! Its honestly not as fun/not as well run as her previous schools team so its been frustrating at times for her. Volleyball isn't as big of a deal here. We thought that would be a good thing-more opportunity to shine. Its just been frustrating though since no one is doing anything right. The program is lacking. But in Aubrey fashion, she makes the best of everything and just does her best. She has improved a lot on her own, her overhand serves have become more powerful and very consistent. She made the B team(though she totally should've been on A seeing as that there are seriously kids on A that can't even serve! It seemed kinda rigged..they are taller..and the coach actually said at the first practice for whoever played club to stand over here...whatever.) Turns out "club" here isn't quite the same as where we came from. And Aubrey is better than half the club players here. Arg. Anyways, on the bright side, she was chosen to be one of the setters and did REALLY well. I think she's a born setter. It was fun seeing her do something different. So that was a plus. I hope next years experience is better though. The coaching just was not good..we saw no improvement all season for the team as a whole.  A lot of useless drills that were the exact same every day. Sooo different than the strong program at her school in Texas. Her team was awesome last year and were the District Champs. They didn't start off that way but because of the coaching methods, they became unstoppable. I know this year she really missed her old coach and teammates :( She loved that coach so much. But being part of the team here in Iowa, though it wasn't ideal, was a great way for her to meet new people and make friends. And mostly a great way to feel part of something which is important when you are the new kid. She overall had a good time. We are proud of you Aub! You are doing great! Stay positive, keep working hard and keep smiling:)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ella saw Wicked! And other KC fun.

Joey and I decided a few years back to let each child have a special date with Joey or I when they are preteen-ish(11-12) to see their first Broadway show. Joey and I both love Broadway(he introduced me to it when we were dating by taking me to see Les Mis-life changing!) He took Aubrey to Wicked a couple of years ago and Ella has been patiently waiting for her turn. Unfortunately when we lived in Dallas, it didn't come last year. She was bummed! But I found out after we moved here that the tour was coming to Kansas City, which is only about 2 hours away. I bought them friggin awesome tickets on the floor for a Saturday afternoon show so they could make a day trip of it.  I know that a special daddy/daughter date is important and will be a memory these girls have forever. We've decided he will take the girls and I will take the boys someday :) I couldn't right now anyways because I'm still nursing little Luke. Its all good. 
They headed out early Saturday and made their way to Missouri. They had some time before the show started and went to the Kansas City Temple and walked around and took some photos. The weather was amazing and the fall colors were beautiful. It looks like a gorgeous temple. They had Chili's for lunch and then headed to the music hall for the show. It sounds like it was a great cast and a fun time! And lucky Ella, Joey being the smart guy he is, took her to the door in the back of the building to see if they could catch any of the stars of the show(he learned that trick from his big sis who is in the know;) Sure enough, they were able to meet most of the cast and get autographs and photos with them. Lets just say Aubrey and I were super duper jealous...Aubrey was especially jealous that a couple of those guys were cuties ;) Aubrey and Ella were debating who had the cuter boys in their shows..hahaha. They are definitely boy crazy! I'm so glad Joey and Ella had a great time together and enjoyed this special day! Ella looks so grown up and gorgeous in these photos. Joey is one lucky daddy to have such special and beautiful little girls...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Luke is 7 months old

Well, its happened. This baby is a crawler now. Its the cutest thing ever but once they are mobile, its all over, people ;) Hehe. He started doing his first official crawls on October 6. The kids were all so excited! Time to order the baby gate before he gets too far! In other news, he also now has his first tooth. This is SO much sooner than the other kids. I nurse, people. This is scary stuff! :) I was shocked when I first noticed it. I took pictures and called Joey even. Haha. I just couldn't believe it. Most of our kids were 10-11 months old. Cali was the soonest if I remember right, at around 8-9 months. So Luke wins. It was rough on him though. The week before he got his tooth, he was up at night a ton. And not his usual content self. I knew something was up. And then I saw the tooth and was like, oooooooh. That was the problem...

He is still a HUGE fan of the jumperoo. He has a blast in that thing(like, literally he looks like he's going to blast off;) I think that is the best baby toy/invention yet.  One of my favorite things he does right now is give me wet kisses. He's actually done it when I've asked him to even. And I can tell he is trying to really kiss me because he'll softly put his mouth on my cheek and then pull away. Lots of times he'll suck on faces which is hilarious. But lately, I swear he is kissing me! Its so nice to get some appreciation :)

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Iowa State Fair!

Well, its official. We are Iowans. We have been initiated. We attended the Iowa State Fair :) Okay, I will ALWAYS be a Texan y'all. But its fun to be temporary Iowans and experience new things! We loved it. The weather was amazing. I was wearing pants in September! We went on a weeknight when the crowds were low and the prices were too. It was a perfect little fair. Not as huge as the Texas fair and not as crazy packed. More my pace. We had lots of fun exploring, let the kids rode a couple of rides, bought and ate some fried stuff(I mean, you have to do that..its sorta standard at a fair;), tried to find the Village People and failed miserably(we walked in a huge circle and by the time we found the right stage, they had JUST finished, doh!), checked out some cool agricultural/corn exhibits, watched a cow milking demonstration, and watched the younger kids learn how to "farm" :) We made a really fun memory that evening as a family. I love that going to the fair was one of our first outings. We moved here just in time as they only do it for a week here!

 Joey was in rare form.