Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ella saw Wicked! And other KC fun.

Joey and I decided a few years back to let each child have a special date with Joey or I when they are preteen-ish(11-12) to see their first Broadway show. Joey and I both love Broadway(he introduced me to it when we were dating by taking me to see Les Mis-life changing!) He took Aubrey to Wicked a couple of years ago and Ella has been patiently waiting for her turn. Unfortunately when we lived in Dallas, it didn't come last year. She was bummed! But I found out after we moved here that the tour was coming to Kansas City, which is only about 2 hours away. I bought them friggin awesome tickets on the floor for a Saturday afternoon show so they could make a day trip of it.  I know that a special daddy/daughter date is important and will be a memory these girls have forever. We've decided he will take the girls and I will take the boys someday :) I couldn't right now anyways because I'm still nursing little Luke. Its all good. 
They headed out early Saturday and made their way to Missouri. They had some time before the show started and went to the Kansas City Temple and walked around and took some photos. The weather was amazing and the fall colors were beautiful. It looks like a gorgeous temple. They had Chili's for lunch and then headed to the music hall for the show. It sounds like it was a great cast and a fun time! And lucky Ella, Joey being the smart guy he is, took her to the door in the back of the building to see if they could catch any of the stars of the show(he learned that trick from his big sis who is in the know;) Sure enough, they were able to meet most of the cast and get autographs and photos with them. Lets just say Aubrey and I were super duper jealous...Aubrey was especially jealous that a couple of those guys were cuties ;) Aubrey and Ella were debating who had the cuter boys in their shows..hahaha. They are definitely boy crazy! I'm so glad Joey and Ella had a great time together and enjoyed this special day! Ella looks so grown up and gorgeous in these photos. Joey is one lucky daddy to have such special and beautiful little girls...

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