Sunday, October 04, 2015

Iowa State Fair!

Well, its official. We are Iowans. We have been initiated. We attended the Iowa State Fair :) Okay, I will ALWAYS be a Texan y'all. But its fun to be temporary Iowans and experience new things! We loved it. The weather was amazing. I was wearing pants in September! We went on a weeknight when the crowds were low and the prices were too. It was a perfect little fair. Not as huge as the Texas fair and not as crazy packed. More my pace. We had lots of fun exploring, let the kids rode a couple of rides, bought and ate some fried stuff(I mean, you have to do that..its sorta standard at a fair;), tried to find the Village People and failed miserably(we walked in a huge circle and by the time we found the right stage, they had JUST finished, doh!), checked out some cool agricultural/corn exhibits, watched a cow milking demonstration, and watched the younger kids learn how to "farm" :) We made a really fun memory that evening as a family. I love that going to the fair was one of our first outings. We moved here just in time as they only do it for a week here!

 Joey was in rare form.

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jOeY said...

Her hee. I love doing things like this as a family. We've made so many memories together.