Saturday, October 10, 2015

Luke is 7 months old

Well, its happened. This baby is a crawler now. Its the cutest thing ever but once they are mobile, its all over, people ;) Hehe. He started doing his first official crawls on October 6. The kids were all so excited! Time to order the baby gate before he gets too far! In other news, he also now has his first tooth. This is SO much sooner than the other kids. I nurse, people. This is scary stuff! :) I was shocked when I first noticed it. I took pictures and called Joey even. Haha. I just couldn't believe it. Most of our kids were 10-11 months old. Cali was the soonest if I remember right, at around 8-9 months. So Luke wins. It was rough on him though. The week before he got his tooth, he was up at night a ton. And not his usual content self. I knew something was up. And then I saw the tooth and was like, oooooooh. That was the problem...

He is still a HUGE fan of the jumperoo. He has a blast in that thing(like, literally he looks like he's going to blast off;) I think that is the best baby toy/invention yet.  One of my favorite things he does right now is give me wet kisses. He's actually done it when I've asked him to even. And I can tell he is trying to really kiss me because he'll softly put his mouth on my cheek and then pull away. Lots of times he'll suck on faces which is hilarious. But lately, I swear he is kissing me! Its so nice to get some appreciation :)

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jOeY said...

One of your best photo shoots ever! He sure loves that jumparoo. Sometimes I think he's going to end up I the ceiling.